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Go Green: Freshen Air with Menthol

Menthol - Creative Common FlickrHaving fresh air indoors is extremely important for human beings just as it is important for animals and plants. You can only benefit by providing clean and toxic-free air at home. Many chronic illnesses like asthma can be irritated and worsened if there is not enough oxygen in the room. Household cleaners that we tend to use to remove dust and dirt are loaded with harsh chemicals that have a bad impact on us. They can cause skin and lung irritations and are generally hazardous.


Best Organic Makeup Brands For Cosplay And Comic Cons

Image courtesy of piyato / FreeDigitalPhotos.netFinding cosmetics that help bring a vision of a character to life is difficult enough but when eco-consciousness and a desire to live a healthier lifestyle are added into the mix, finding a brand or two that will work seems like an insurmountable task. Fortunately, there are a number of companies that fill the bill with makeup that is sourced from certifiable organic sources, uses natural colorants, and does away with harsh chemicals that could be potentially absorbed into the blood stream through the skin. These are the companies that have the best and most colorful product lines for using in cosplay, while still being health conscious.


Simple Ways to Green Your Home


When it comes to improving the environment, it begins with you. From using an alternative cleaning material to recycling, making some minor adjustments at home can add up to significant benefits for the planet, not to mention improve your happiness and health.

Even though you have probably heard it before, the best way you to a green home is to recycle as much as you can and cut down on what you are consuming, such as bottled water. Roughly, 208 million tons of waste is generated every year. Every little bit will help, so why not start saving today?


The Most Energy Intensive Home Appliances

Electric home appliances were invented to serve as more convenient ways of doing housework. You don’t have to mess around in the sink with hot water and soap if you have a dishwasher, for instance. Just arrange the plates in the dishwasher, switch the appliance on, and you can do some other work than washing the dishes. The same goes for the washing machine, clothes dryer and microwave oven. But convenience costs something, so it is prudent to understand which home appliances consume the most electricity so you can reduce their use and lower your monthly electricity bills.


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