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Join the #1LessStraw Campaign | Full of Useless Information

#1lessstrawHow many straws do you use in a day? You probably don't even think about it, but Americans use 500,000 each and every day. That's 1.6 straws per person per day. That's enough to wrap the world 2.5 times a day. So what can you do? Take the 30 day pledge to reduce your disposable plastic straw usage. Until you can recycle every disposable plastic straw, then just hand them back.


Book Review: Folks, This Ain't Normal | Full of Useless Information

Folks This Ain't Normal by Joel SalatinIn this episode of Full of Useless Information, Beth discusses "Folks, This Ain't Normal" by Joel Salatin. If you believe our health system is out of whack and maybe going back to eating whole foods is where we should be headed then you are going to want to hear this review. Salatin is committed to eating the healthiest whole foods available. For him, it's products from his own family farm.


PROMOrx Eco-Friendly Giveaways | Full of Useless Information

Are you ficing away earth-friendly schwag?Okay, let's talk giveaways. You know the ones you hand out at trade shows and events. You take home to the kids and they think you are the best. Honestly, we know it's going to end up in a landfill somewhere and probably in some poor albatross' belly. Because most schwag is not eco-friendly. We call it CPJ (Cheap Plastic Junk), but what if you could give away something that you wanted to keep because it was useful? And what if it was super green? The things we like to call unintended benefits instead of consequences. PROMOrx is a provider of such eco-friendly goodies. Things that will give you confidence when you hand them out that say, "We believe in protecting the environment", even down to our giveaways.


Full of Useless Information

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