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UT Geography Expert: Though Tragic, Gatlinburg Fire Was 'A Safe Prediction'

When Henri D. Grissino-Mayer, a professor of geography at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, heard about the forest fires threatening Gatlinburg, he was not surprised.

For years, Grissino-Mayer has been giving talks throughout Tennessee and the Southeast on the subject "Will Our Great Smoky Mountains One Day Go Up in Flames?" In the talk, he highlights how Gatlinburg is the epitome of a fire hazard because the mountain village is located at what is called the "wildland-urban interface."


UT, South-Doyle Middle School Partner to Improve Knoxville's Urban Wilderness

Vast areas of Knoxville and Knox County south of the Tennessee River have often been referred to as an urban wilderness, an area where people can enjoy nature just a short distance from downtown.

Now, a collaboration of researchers from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, are helping to restore Baker Creek, which has been flagged by the US Environmental Protection Agency for its high rates of pathogens, nitrates and nitrites, and habitat alterations.


FedEx Releases 2017 Global Citizenship Report

New Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Goal Set

FedEx Corp. announced the online release of its 2017 Global Citizenship Report (GCR), which details how the company connects the world responsibly and resourcefully. The annual report includes updates on the company’s strategies, goals, programs and progress in three key areas: Economy, Environment and People. The report also includes statistics that track the progress of the company’s citizenship goals in fiscal year 2016, which ended on May 31, 2016.


1,000 Trees Planted at UT

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, campus became a little greener on March 3, with the planting of 1,000 trees in honor of Tennessee Arbor Day.

The university’s Make Orange Green initiative and Facilities Services are organizing the event, which is part of the greater Second Creek Restoration Project.


Survey: 9 of 10 Americans Want to Protect the Environment, But They’re Focusing on the Wrong Things

Just half of Americans prioritize saving energy in their home. The good news: Inspiring them to ‘save the planet’ could change that

A new national survey finds good news for the environment: Nine out of 10 Americans believe the average person should be taking concrete steps to reduce his or her environmental impact. And two-thirds think that personal energy conservation habits can make a real difference in preventing climate change.

The only catch, according to the new survey conducted by Knoxville-based Shelton Group: The things Americans are prioritizing in their own lives don’t have the most environmental impact.


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