Image courtesy of piyato / FreeDigitalPhotos.netFinding cosmetics that help bring a vision of a character to life is difficult enough but when eco-consciousness and a desire to live a healthier lifestyle are added into the mix, finding a brand or two that will work seems like an insurmountable task. Fortunately, there are a number of companies that fill the bill with makeup that is sourced from certifiable organic sources, uses natural colorants, and does away with harsh chemicals that could be potentially absorbed into the blood stream through the skin. These are the companies that have the best and most colorful product lines for using in cosplay, while still being health conscious.


Zuii, Not Zuul 

Zuii Organic is the most eco-responsible company that produces organic makeups. They are certified by globally recognized companies and by several countries for their sourcing and usage of organic ingredients, lack of animal testing and creation of Halal and Vegan friendly cosmetics. They have 30 colors in their color range of Certified Organic Flora Eye Shadow, all of which can be used with brushes for changing facial tones to those of otherworldly characters. This is the largest and most vibrant range of colors available in any of the certified organic lines. Also, their mascara line may only have five colors but they have a vibrant lapis blue and dark green shades not seen in any other brands. Zuii Organic also has the expected range of standard foundations in both liquid and powder forms. 

Grimas: Is That A Painted Smile? 

Grimas Pure pure face paint and stage makeup may not be completely organic, but they do bring a lot to the table. They are formulated for stage performers to be hypoallergenic and as such their Pure line is is unperfumed, gluten free and contains no parabens or halogenated products that might irritate the skin. They are also made with pure oils and waxes which makes this a great choice for cosplayers with sensitive skin or allergic reactions. Now for the amazing part: 54 shades of colors! Let your imagination run wild with this level of choice for the allergic performer. Cost effective kits and palettes are available in both the face painting and stage makeup lines. 

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It's Sante, Not Santa Claus

Sante Cosmetics is a German company that believes that natural cosmetics should be fun, uncomplicated, trendy and usable by the whole family. They have several lines of bath and beauty products, but what is most of interest is their line of face paints for kids. These paints come in a range of 14 vibrant colors in small individual pots and are created from natural oils and waxes from certified organic sources. The colors can be mixed and blended together to make custom colors if you need a particular shade for your Cassian or Aurin from Wildstar

Honorable Mention Companies And Products 

100% Pure is a line of cosmetics tinted with fruit pigment extracts. Their Fruit Pigmented Gel Eye Liners are smooth and delectable for outlining and highlighting. In the mascara line, there is a shade of gorgeous deep navy blue colored with blueberries. 

Piggy Paint is a brand of non-toxic, low odor and kid friendly nail polish. They have a large range of vibrant and glittery colors available. 

Ecco Bella doesn't have the color vibrancy that one would expect for cosplay but they do have a few great products, all colored from natural flowers. FlowerColor Face Powder, FlowerColor Blush, and FlowerColor Natural Liquid foundation are all great choices for natural looks, plus they are gluten free and Vegan as well. 

With all of the above options, nearly every cosplayer that has allergies or is conscious of what chemicals are in cosmetics now has the ability to find products that work for them. Reducing toxins and becoming naturally organic is now a luxury available in everyday or specialty makeup for characters. 

Cristine Brillant is a costume designer and seamstress with over 25 years of performance experience. Her new website is

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