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Neighborhood Sun Completes Equity Seed Round and Expands Board of Directors

Start-up community solar firm poised for launch in Maryland and DC

Gary Skulnik, CEO and Founder of Neighborhood Sun Benefit Corp., announced today that the firm had successfully completed a recent round of funding from local angel investors. The infusion of capital gives the company the resources it needs as it begins operations in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Neighborhood Sun is a B-Corp with a mission to strengthen communities through local solar power projects that provide affordable energy and jobs. The amount raised was $390,000.


Mid-Atlantic States Identify Wetland Restoration as Key Action for Reducing Climate Risk

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Council on the Ocean (MARCO), a partnership of five Mid-Atlantic states, has released a report on the role of Mid-Atlantic coastal wetlands in reducing climate risk. The report examines current practices for identifying and prioritizing wetlands for their ability to reduce climate risk and enhance climate resilience in the region.  The report, prepared by the Environmental Law Institute (ELI), identifies opportunities for improving how coastal wetlands can serve as climate buffers in the coastal states of New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.


Enviva Launches One-of-a-Kind Wood Supply Tracking System

Enviva Holdings, LP (“Enviva”), the world’s largest producer of wood pellets, publicly released the first data from its groundbreaking Track & Trace (T&T) program. T&T is a proprietary system that enables Enviva to track every truckload of wood the company procures from the forest back to its source, providing a detailed understanding of the characteristics of the wood the company uses. Demonstrating an unmatched commitment to transparency, Enviva is now making that information available to the public.


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