Grapefruit and Salt Bathtub CleanerSometimes conventional cleaning methods are just not worth the risk. Big cleaning supply companies don’t want you to know this, but aside from the fancy perfumes and aromas they stuff in those things, they also put ammonia, 2-butoxyethanol, ethoxylated nonyl phenol, methylene chloride, naphthalene, silica, toluene, xylene and others. These are all harsh and dangerous chemicals that should be avoided at all costs; especially when they are so many wonderful alternatives available. Now, you might be asking yourself – how can grapefruit and common household salt help me, while tested and proven commercial cleaning detergents cannot. Well, for one grapefruit possesses a special ingredient that is both good for your health and good for cleaning bathtubs – I am of course talking about citric acid. This naturally occurring chemical is just what almost every concerned housekeeper is looking for. Sure it can get rather expensive (compared to regular cleaning detergents, this will cost you a hefty bundle), but by using grapefruit, at least you know exactly what you are putting near you. Let’s follow a step-by-step tutorial of how to clean your bathtub effectively, without using any nasty detergents what so ever (feel free to apply this method to other parts of the bathroom; like the tap and the toilet bowl.


Pre-wash your tub with water

First, we need to get everything as wet as possible. Get a rag or a towel (nothing hard or abrasive), moisten the towel in some water, then go over every last bit of your tub until you have wiped it all. You could try using plain, regular soap if you think that is going to ease the grime. But like I said, if you do it with water alone, that is fine. After all, we are going to employ something much stronger in just a few moments, so be patient.

Salt your tub

The reason we got our tub all wet, is because we need a suitable, moist surface to which salt with stick. You can use a whole bad of salt if you want to – just rip open the pack and ‘sprinkle’ as much of it as you can (especially on the bottom of the tub). Even though salt is abrasive, you won’t damage your tub unless you really wanted to. Don’t worry about it though, we are going for the chemical approach most of all.

Apply Grapefruit

There are basically two ways you can go about this; either squeeze the juice of a few grapefruits into a bowl (which can be then transported into a spray bottle), or do like me and just cut two grapefruits in half, and use said haves to apply the juice directly. I find the latter to be not only easier, but also very time saving – which I find great. Now what we have a working detergent, it is time to displace it all over our bathtub, toilet bowl, sink etc. Dip the end of one half of the grapefruit in salt, and using a stroking motion, go over every last bit of your tub, until everything is covered in grapefruit juice. Hand squeeze your fruit when you get to a metal element, so you can get juice over that as well. Wait it sit for a while; after which you scrub your tub with a non-abrasive cloth. Rinse and repeat if necessary. Happy cleaning everybody!

Connie Jameson uses this method which she learned from and finds it very helpful.

Image: Flickr