Menthol - Creative Common FlickrHaving fresh air indoors is extremely important for human beings just as it is important for animals and plants. You can only benefit by providing clean and toxic-free air at home. Many chronic illnesses like asthma can be irritated and worsened if there is not enough oxygen in the room. Household cleaners that we tend to use to remove dust and dirt are loaded with harsh chemicals that have a bad impact on us. They can cause skin and lung irritations and are generally hazardous.


Apart from this, dust and dirt that have accumulated over time pose a health risk as well. Pet owners need to deal with another problem – bad odors coming from their animals. Either way, one things is for sure – it is extremely important to keep your air fresh and clean at home. The reasons for this are numerous but the most essential one is your health.

Many people advise going green with your cleaning equipment and stuff. We would also like to add: go green with your air fresheners as well. Breathing in harsh chemicals is dangerous for you. Nature has its own way to purify the air. There are a number of natural products and plants that can freshen the air for free. Not to mention, they are healthy.


An organic ingredient that can work well in the said situation is menthol. Menthol is made synthetically from peppermint or cornmint. It can also be obtained from other mint oils. Peppermint is the most common of the mint species. There also is Spearmint, Pineapple mint and Chocolate mint. Peppermint is used for desserts and drinks, Pineapple mint for cooking and salads.

Mint can be planted outside where clothes are usually hung to dry during warm summer days. Mint releases nice fragrances into the air, which can be absorbed in clothes. So you can freshen your laundry as well.

You can use fresh mint to reduce the amounts of caffeine and tannin in your tea.

Moreover, mint can be planted in pots and placed indoors. It is a natural way to freshen the air. Put mint leaves near the wardrobe, beds or your food. Mint can freshen the air in the room. Its fragrances linger in the air long after you place them. Use mint as an air freshener instead of products bought from the store.

Natural air fresheners vs commercial ones

The market offers all sorts of lovely-scented air fresheners that do freshen the air, the only trouble is, they are harmful to you and your family. Yes, they smell sweet, but the damage they cause is not worth the money or effort.

Tests done on several of the most common air fresheners available on the market showed that all of them contained high levels of chemicals. Four of the most dangerous chemicals phthalates, formaldehyde, benzene and toluene are present in some of these air fresheners. It turned out that phthalates was found in 4 of the 6 products. According to scientists, this chemical causes endocrine problems known as EDS or endocrine disrupting substances.

The bad effects of this chemical are numerous. Apart from endocrine problems, one can also suffer various other illnesses. Long-term exposure to endocrine disrupting diseases has proved to cause irreversible damage to the brain and the immune system.

Toluene can damage the liver.

Experts recommend reduced use of air fresheners and opting for eco-friendly ways of freshening the air at home.

We believe that the numerous varieties of mint release wonderful fragrances in the air that you and your family are going to benefit a lot from. Just go for the natural, you can never be wrong!

July Minor is a green enthusiast. She finds a lot of information to share with  people who care about their health and our planet. These tips help her manage the work of After The Builders.

Image is provided through Creative Common/Flickr.