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Consumer Watchdog, Environmental Organizations Demand Congress to Reject Nuclear Bailout

Thirteen environmental and consumer watchdog organizations representing millions of members sent a letter to the House of Representatives urging members to oppose bill H.R. 1551, which aims to bail out the nuclear industry after troubled investments in new reactor projects in the southern U.S. 
H.R. 1551, a bill to amend the IRS code and modify tax credits to nuclear power facilities, passed the House Ways and Means Committee by voice vote. House leadership placed this controversial, fast-tracked legislation on the suspension calendar for this week and the bill is expected to be brought to the floor recently.


NC Stream Restoration is Made in the Shade

When it comes to stream restoration in North Carolina, much attention often is paid to restoring natural stream function, but a growing body of evidence points to the importance of "looking up" when it comes to such projects.

Canopies are the term used to describe the foliage and shade provided by vegetation around streams, and Fred Harris, who is the former Division Chief of Inland Fisheries for the NC Wildlife Resources Commission, said preserving the trees around a stream is just as important.


USDA Unveils New 'Urban Agriculture Toolkit' for Urban Farmers and Agri-business Entrepreneurs

Online Resource Draws on USDA's and Partners' Experience with Launching and Sustaining Urban Agriculture Operations Points Producers to Helpful Financial and Technical Resources

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today unveiled the USDA Urban Agriculture Toolkit, a new resource created by USDA's Know Your Farmer team to help entrepreneurs and community leaders successfully create jobs and increase access to healthy food through urban agriculture. From neighborhood gardens grown on repurposed lots, to innovative mobile markets and intensive hydroponic and aquaculture operations, urban food production is rapidly growing into a mature business sector in cities across the country.


NC Regulators order $98M bond in Duke plant fight

By setting a $98 million bond in the order, the NC Utilities Commission again has wrongly attempted to block the access to the courthouse – and shield itself and Duke Energy from scrutiny over the approval of a new $1 billion power plant in Asheville that is unneeded, would rely on a shaky supply of shale gas, and would further speed the climate crisis.


Groups Rebut Duke’s Latest Court-barring Bond Claim

Fast-track plant approval leads to regulatory sausage-making as Duke Energy now seeks $240 million bond if case goes to Court of Appeals

In one of the strangest regulatory cases in state history, a 45-day rubber-stamp approval of a $1.1 billion gas-fired power plant in Asheville has been swamped by the subsequent 120-day battle over our right to appeal the pro-utility regulators’ ruling, a fight with no end in sight.  Late yesterday NC WARN and The Climate Times filed an expert’s affidavit rebutting each point of Duke Energy’s recent call to escalate the appeal bond to $240 million.



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