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Environmentally Friendly Cleaning For Better Life

A lot of people nowadays depend on cleaning without chemical detergents. It is eco-friendly and quite more affordable, since most of the cleaning detergents are very expensive. The best part is that this method is just as efficient as the traditional one. Instead of buying special preparations for the bathroom, the floor and the kitchen, you can save some money and take a look into your kitchen drawers. This is a great way to provide a safe environment for your family and your children, who somehow always find a way to find all the hidden chemicals and it is only a matter of time to cause them some serious problems.


Why Buy a Natural & Organic Mattress

Natural SleepIf you’re like most people you spend approximately 1/3 of your life in your bed.

During the day you are surrounded by chemical pollutants but you don’t stick your face and skin into those pollutants.  In fact you try to avoid them.  At night you sleep with your face and body snuggled into your pillow and your bed.  Here are some facts about your bed that you should consider:


Looking for Safe Cosmetics?

O & N CollectiveHave you been looking for safe personal care products? Are you having a hard time finding them? I’ve posted before about where to find safer products, but I recently found a new favorite place—the O & N Collective. This company is completely aligned with the Cinco Vidas philosophy. Michelle Witherby is the founder, and we got a chance to talk with her recently about her passion for providing her customers with safe, nourishing, and eco-friendly options.


Don't get overheated about your heating bills

December Feature - Energy Efficiency

How were the heating bills this month? Are you telling yourself (like you do every winter and summer) that you have to do something about the energy efficiency of your home? Before you get started; get educated! There is a lot of misinformation out there about what will really reduce your bills in a noticeable way. Beyond the information provided below; consider having a home energy assessment performed by a certified BPI Building Analyst.  This process will pinpoint the exact needs of your particular home.

Priorities one and two when improving the energy efficiency of the vast majority of homes is air and duct sealing.


Watch the Weather, Wait to Water

The Southwest Florida Water Management District is encouraging residents who irrigate their lawns to take advantage of the summer rains and “watch the weather, wait to water.”

During the summer months of June, July, August and September, yards need no more than 3/4 inch of water every 2 to 3 days. If your lawn has received enough water from rainfall, then you can turn off your irrigation system and turn it back on when needed.


Keeping your Cosmetics Fresh

Though technology has made cosmetic preservatives more effective than ever before, they’re not invincible.

By keeping cosmetics beyond the three to five years that most preservatives are designed to handle, you may be lessening the products benefits. Once a container has been opened, the preservatives in the product begin to deteriorate. Eventually, age and repeated use overwhelm their capabilities. The natural bacteria that flourish on your skin and in the air and in rare cases may cause infection.


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