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The Grand Experiment comes to an end

So the four week experiment comes to an end. It's been amazing what I have learned both from the actual usage of MARTA and from people's responses.

I have learned, as I am sure you have surmised by now, that MARTA is really easy and amazingly stress free. I had not ridden MARTA for a while except to the airport and the truth is we should all reconsider, if we live along one of the train corridors, we should all take MARTA more often. The sustainable community especially should make the commitment. We have great examples in our community to lead the way. Mandy Mahoney and Townsend Bailey, before he left for Chicago, both are dedicated alternative commuters and although the commuting option I have used most is MARTA there are other alternatives too. Biking, walking, carpooling, and other forms of mass transit all offer options for consideration.


Walk like a Decaturite?

Last Friday, I had arranged for a friend to pick me up so I could go get my car. I ended up scheduling an appointment in downtown Decatur before the scheduled time. This meant walking all the way in to Decatur or doing a combo walk and bus trip.


MARTA Week Three

So we are on week three. I started this journey carless and so treated MARTA for what it was my primary source of transportation. The last two weeks of this grand experiment will be spent as most of you would approach a commuter with a car.

So instantly this becomes something that gets me much more sleep. Instead of getting up at 6:30am. I got up at 8:15am. I parked at the Avondale MARTA station and was on the train instantly. We know that the timetables are wishlists so I will plan to be a few minutes earlier next trip but man how cool was that?


When it comes to MARTA organization is key

There are just some things that make MARTA smarta. Organization is key!

I grew up in a household where there was not an instance where we didn't spend time looking for my Father's keys before we left the house. Thankfully he has trained himself and it seldom happens now but a simple organization system would have made things so easy. I made the fatal mistake the other day. I didn't follow my own rule!


Practice random acts of kindness and think about everyone else too!

I was reading my daily devotional a couple of years ago. The story was about living in New York City and friendliness. The author was talking about that what most people consider rudeness in the rest of the country is actually showing respect for all the others around you in New York. Since so many people are moving and waiting in line for things, it is really not polite to chat up the attendant, teller, service or public servant because so many other people are waiting. By being efficient with your transactions in New York, you are actually saying. I respect everyone else in line with me.

Atlanta is no New York City and I think most residents of each city are happy where they are planted. But with a population of 4.5 million, Atlantans, in particular MARTA customers, could learn a couple of things when it comes to personal responsibility and respect to others. Now don't get me wrong most folks get it but for those who are new to transit and for those who have missed the goes.


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