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How to choose a Green Cloud Storage Service for your Business

You would imagine that with recycling water bottles, and printing on both sides of your recycled paper using printers with recycled printer cartridges, you’re doing all you can to be green, right?

Possibly not depending on how much data your organization stores-the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revealed that approximately 1.5% of electricity consumed in the US is used by data centers. This translates to approximately 0.5% of greenhouse gas emissions coming from these data centers.


Seeing Green: Cutting Costs in the Face of Rising Utilities

Rising energy prices are encouraging commercial building operators to invest in sustainable energy practices and related systems.

Businesses and consumers alike are feeling the heat from rising utility costs, but commercial buildings in particular, such as hospitals, shopping centers and offices, have been taking a significant hit considering they account for about one-fifth of domestic energy consumption. While the utilities price index, published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, has increased in line with the improving economy, commercial building energy consumption has also been on a steady upward trend. Even before the recession, energy consumption of commercial buildings grew a whopping 69.0% from 1980 to 2009. Based on projections from the Energy Information Administration, it is estimated to grow another 22.0% from 2009 to 2035.


Why Energy Efficiency Matters To Your Small Business

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There are so many alternatives when it comes to constructing or updating a small business and more regularly we see appliances, devices and materials that cut down on costs and reduce energy output. If you have a larger budget, there are incredibly innovative ways to reduce energy consumption within buildings, starting with the thermostat and lighting systems.


6 Simple Ways to One-up Your Neighbors in Energy Efficiency

You want to be the energy-saving envy of your neighbors, but installing solar panels and hooking them up to the backup generator is too much work for most of us. It doesn’t have to be that complicated! Here are six sneaky, simple little things to check before you bring out the big guns to one-up the neighbors on your energy efficiency.


Are You Sticking To A New Year's Energy Resolution?

Windmill - 01At this time of year we're all making (and perhaps already breaking) New Year’s resolutions, and many of those have something to do with money. And even if you haven’t made one yet, it’s not too late.

Whether we want to save more of it or make sure we spend it in the right places, it's clear that in these difficult times of recession, Brits want to be as money wise as they can be. If you want to make a resolution that will help you to save money, without meaning that you need to check your bank balance every month to tally your savings, you should consider making a resolution to save energy; not only will you save money this year and for years to come, but you'll also do it without constantly having to watch your own spending habits.



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