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Going ‘Green’ is Good for Business, Exec Says

Tips for Companies Trying to Clean Up Their Act

Despite pressing economic worries, the environment remains a top concern for consumers the world over. And that means environmentally-friendly business practices are as necessary for the bottom line as they are for the planet, says Joe Veilleux, president of Euromed USA.

“Being a producer of natural ingredients for pharmaceuticals and health supplements, we’ve always held environmentalism as a major company value,” says Veilleux, a registered pharmacist.“We’re glad to see that, even when people face unemployment and other economic hardships, they’re still committed to green practices.”


Vampires at Home and Office

Yes, Vampires occupy your home and office.  However, these are not the kind from True Blood but rather the kind that suck electricity even when you don’t know it.

Ten to fifteen percent of the power in a building may be consumed by vampires like wall chargers and appliances.  This wastes energy and adds heat to your home, making your a/c work harder.  Here are four ideas to help reduce this waste and your power bill.


Storing Retired Computer Systems in Your Closet is Not Proper Disposal of IT Assets

Picture this: You just upgraded and replaced your computer systems. You invested thousands of dollars on equipment, and you spent countless hours evaluating every feature and function of the hardware, but you barely considered what to do with the decommissioned computers. Since you need to protect your data, and you are concerned for the environment, you just keep the equipment. Consequently, it is now in a storage room, creating a business risk. Sound familiar?


Printing (and NOT Printing) Responsibly

As a long-time graphic designer and lover of print, it’s not always easy to reconcile my environmental passions with my devotion to paper and ink. However, given the stringent economic times we’ve experienced lately, combined with the increasing momentum of the green and sustainable “wave”, we are all finding ways to print less, print digitally, print on recycled, print on tree-free, and at times, not print at all. Here’s a brief rundown on printing sustainably and responsibly.


How to Go Green and Save Green

If I told you that a stack of just three months worth of paper used for policy applications at a Fortune 500 insurance company could be higher than an eight story building, you would probably marvel at the vision but cringe at the costs. Now think about being able to tell the CEO that you have implemented paperless solutions that both trims the pile and cuts spending. That’s something that would make any CEO smile and the chief information officer shine. 


Sustainable Investing - Doing Well By Doing Good

Many investors have strong opinions that don’t involve their views on interest rates and stock prices. This might include support for a clean environment or concern for the poor and the disadvantaged–just to mention a few well-known causes. Increasingly, these investors want their holdings to reflect their social, ethical or religious values. They wish to avoid companies that profit from activities they oppose, and support companies that behave in ways they consider appropriate or responsible. At the same time, however, most investors still want or need to earn a reasonable return on their portfolios.



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