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Choosing To-Go Boxes To Fit Your Restaurant's Needs

You put a lot of time into deciding what dinnerware to serve your food on, why wouldn't you do the same for your to-go boxes? These little touches are the things that your customers will notice about your restaurant. No one wants a to-go box that's going to leak, break, or not keep their food intact; not to mention that since this is an item your customer takes home with them, it's a good opportunity to brand your business.


Printers Going Green!

Going green has finally made the shift from “passing fad” to “lifestyle.” For the environmentally friendly consumer, it’s an exciting time; there are so many recycled products on the market—from papers and plastics to glass and aluminum, there are some awesome possibilities.


10 Cost Saving Tips For A Business

It's tough out there right now. With many businesses still recovering from the 2008 economic recession, profits are still down. When profits are down, it's only reasonable to make sure that your costs are also down within your business. There are other ways of reducing costs in your business aside from laying off your employees, forcing them into pay cuts/furloughs or moving certain full-timers to part-time to save on salary and benefit expenses. Many of these cost-savers are simple, convenient and effective. And they all add up, no matter how little or how small.


Green Computing: How To Ensure Your New Laptop Or Desktop Is Environmentally Friendly

How green are your electronics?The way in which your technological gadgets are manufactured isn’t necessarily the most friendly process when the earth is considered. Recycling (or trashing) old electronics is even worse. Sure, your e-reader saved a few trees but it also uses a lot of other resources, not the least of which is electricity, along with silver, gold and throw in a mix of heavy chemicals and toxins to boot. Even worse, all of your technology needs to be replaced every few years (or less) it seems. What happens with all of this e-waste? It all adds up to some bad news for the environment and our planet. The toxins in your electronics are so bad that they are in fact up to 100 times the level of what is classified as hazardous waste! 40-50 million pounds of e-waste are produced each year - a number that will only continue to grow and put the planet at a greater risk. With all that said, there are some ways to ensure that your new electronic gadget is earth friendly which we will look into a little later.


Taking Your Business To The Green Level

Going Green in your business is easier than you thinkThe environmental movement has been around for years and it is still as important today as it ever was. As human beings and consumers of the Earth we have the ability to impact the planet whether we are at home or on the job. Through the years, many companies have joined the green initiative. If you own your own business or just want to get your office involved with helping the environment, there are a variety of steps you can take, like sending e-cards as your corporate holiday greeting cards instead of printed ones. Some of the suggestions below can be done on an individual basis while others may require approval first. When in doubt always ask your supervisor, prior to proceeding.


A New Corporate Mantra: Reclaim, Reuse and Replenish (The Budget!)


Use Less, Get More, Do More with Evolve Recycling’s New Groundbreaking Offering

There’s an important new option available to businesses designed to reduce their environmental impact, tell a robust story about their sustainability initiatives and help them earn money.

Evolve Recycling sends cash to end-user companies after reclaiming and remanufacturing their ink and toner cartridges and other small electronic devices, in effect, moving them beyond recycling into reusing. Reuse is atop the federal Environmental Protection Agency’s solid waste management hierarchy of preferred environmental practices, meaning that the EPA considers reuse a more desirable, sustainable approach than simple recycling. Stepping up to reuse can have multiple benefits.



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