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Carbon Offsets 101

A carbon offset represents a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Offsets are created through projects that either eliminate GHG or avoid their creation. Forestry is a good example of a project that helps to eliminate CO2. Land fill and agricultural projects capture methane known to be 25 times more destructive to the ozone than CO2. Solar and wind power are examples of projects that avoid CO2 creation. Offsets are measured in metric tons and sold and traded as commodities in the U.S. on the Chicago Climate Exchange.


The Georgia Green Loan Fund Can Help Small Businesses "Green-ovate"

The Georgia Green Loan Fund Can Help Small Businesses “Green-ovate”

“There’s good news for little businesses that want to go green or create a green product or service,” says Grace Fricks, President & CEO of Appalachian Community Enterprises (ACE), a non-profit microlender that loans up to $35,000 for North Georgia businesses with 5 or fewer employees.


Energy and Water Efficiency Tips for Businesses.

All businesses, whether they are small, medium or large multi-national corporations use lighting, heating and air conditioning, power for computing /equipment and water. By taking the following steps at their facilities, businesses can significantly reduce their electricity, gas and water bills and protect the environment at the same time.

  1. Install Efficient Light Bulbs. According to Energy Star, Energy Star qualified CFL bulbs consume about 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs and last up to 10 times longer, resulting in about $30 or more in energy savings over each bulb's lifetime. Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs have come a long way in the last few years: their costs have dropped and there is a bulb for just about any application. Switching to CFLs is easy to implement and can yield a quick payback in savings. Switch to LED exit signs. Most shops have several of these and switching to an LED exit sign can save $10 per sign in electricity costs. In addition, because they have a long life, the LED exit signs don’t need regular replacements that existing signs do. Most businesses have the T12 fluorescent lights bulbs (1.5 diameter) which as not as energy efficient as the newer T8 fluorescent tubes (1.0 diameter). Consider switching to the T8 tubes for extra savings.


Save Money and Natural Resources

An opportunity for your company to reduce its impact on the environment and P²AD is here to help by introducing the Sustainable Office Toolkit. This free online tool will help your company develop a sustainability program, reducing its environmental footprint while improving the bottom line. Here’s a tip for each day this week to get you started...

Reduce Waste

An average 100-employee office spends over $5,000 a year buying copy paper and over $200 throwing it away. Save money and trees by using electronic communication as much as possible. And when you must print, use both sides and always recycle to turn that $200 landfill cost into $300 revenue!


Green Cleaning

Americans are bombarded daily, in magazines, newspapers, radio and television, with the concept of "going green". Despite all of the media blitz most people are really not sure what green cleaning is all about.

SouthEast LINK is the Georgia leader in providing facilities with a complete green cleaning program. We provide green seal certified cleaning chemicals, green cleaning supplies and green cleaning equipment. Our green cleaning training program is intensive. The program includes classroom training, hands on training and problem solving. This training is an on going process designed to meet the green cleaning goals of the individual facility.



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