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eScrap: A World of Opportunity

This infographic from the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) provides vital stats on electronics recycling including how much is recycled and where it goes. Interesting stats include: more than 80% of the eScrap collected is recycled in the U.S. while only 25% of eligible household used electronics products are recycled.


How to Save Money on Next Gen Gaming

With the recent release of the next generation of games consoles, for an avid gamer, it’s inevitable that you will want to upgrade to the next gen at some point, but if you make the move in the right way, you won't have to spend a fortune.


Shopper Perceptions And Concerns Regarding Diesel, Hybrid, Electric And Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

According to the survey, the top motivators cited as reasons shoppers would consider purchasing an alternative fuel vehicle are less emotional and more practical, with three of the top five being related to saving money—whether in fuel costs or by receiving a tax credit. "Better fuel economy" came in first at 70 percent, followed by "Cost of savings on gas" at 56 percent, "Cleaner emissions" at 37 percent, "Better for the environment" at 28 percent and "Federal Tax Credit" at 24 percent.


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