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“ECO-DYE”: New YKK Dyeing Technology Significantly Reduces Water Use


As a part of environmental activities at YKK Kurobe (Japan) Factory, YKK is developing an “ECO-DYE” approach that, utilizing the supercritical fluid dyeing (“SFD”) technology, allows it to reduce almost to zero the amount of water used in zipper’s dyeing process.

Through its main business, YKK Group is aiming at making contributions to sustainable society by manufacturing and creating new value in cooperation with local communities, customers and employees.


The Truth About Idling

Get the facts on idling, then pledge to "turn it off"

As part of our Turn It Off anti-idling campaign, we created this handy, shareable infographic that explains the facts about idling and why it is a crucial economic, health, and environmental issue. A small change to your daily driving habits can make a big change. Take a look, then take the pledge to stop idling and spread the word.


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