National Car Care Month - helping to promote responsible driving and cleaner air


Before you go anywhere if your failed emissions testing, check to see if your vehicle is still covered by a manufacturer’s emissions control warranty (all new vehicles generally have some type of emissions control warranty). If so, take it to an authorized dealer.

If your vehicle is not under warranty, find a quality emissions repair shop to make the necessary repairs. Note: Your vehicle may fail due to factors other than a faulty emissions control device. Georgia’s Clean Air Force maintains a list of repair shops with a proven track record of emissions-related repairs. You can view this report: RepairWatch Public Report to see if your repair shop is included or to find a quality repair shop in your area. You can also visit any inspection station to view a copy of this report. Of course, you can take your vehicle to any garage, dealership or other service provider. You can even do the repairs yourself; however, if you do them yourself, labor costs will not count toward the Repair Waiver requirements. See our section on Repair Waivers for more information.