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Diversification of the Southern Company Generation Portfolio

This Fall of 2015 has been so busy! As Southeast Green ran all over town trying to catch everything we missed a speech that we really wanted to catch. Tom Fanning, CEO of Southern Company was a keynote at the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance Conference. We missed the speech but caught the question and answer segment. His openness and frankness were much appreciated.


Energy Efficiency Home Tour Earthcraft Platinum by Elemental Green

Southeast Green co-hosted an open house with Elemental Green and Georgia Power for their latest Earthcraft Platinum home. This gem is chock-a-block full of energy efficiency features and beautiful modern details. Full transparency here. This was originally broadcast on Periscope and was a full 40 minute tour. It was a great and thorough tour. Unfortunately, there has been a technical glitch. Still worth the watch for the technical information in the living room, and yes there is a bit of a tease with the kitchen. If you want to see the whole house This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll put you in touch with Joe so you can tour yourself. 


Do you know what chemicals and toxins are lurking in your walls? | Out and About Scopes

Meet Jillian Pritchard Cooke - Wellness Within Your Walls founder.

Southeast Green attended the launch of a new program called Wellness Within Your Walls. The program collaborates with USGBC, Cradle to Cradle, the Sustainable Furnishings Council, Environmental Working Group and many others to educate consumers and a more in-depth program for business professionals designing interiors to make those interiors chemical and toxin-free. The program focuses on interiors from a health perspective, so people don't get "tight box syndrome".


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