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Mountain Film on Tour ATL 2016 | Out and About Scopes

The 4th year of the Telluride Mountain Film on Tour saw growth in the number of days and the scope of the short films. Sure there was still mountain porn but expansion of social justice films too. We talked to the Director of Atlanta and learned about films that showed the last night and what Mountain film is all about.


GRC Glass Recycling Conference | Out and About Scopes

Glass recycling has became a very hot issue lately in Georgia. In most of the state the recycling programs are preformed by private haulers. Private haulers offer recycling so they can actually earn extra money by selling recyclables, but the single stream program that made people recycle more has brought a contamination problem and recycling prices have fallen because of it. So many haulers announced no more glass. However, did you know glass recycling in Georgia is second to California in regards to manufacturing? Georgia has 4 fiberglass plants and a couple of bottling plants too. Georgians need to solve the glass recycling issue and consumers can have a big role in making sure it happens. It just has to be separated.


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