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Southface Summer Solstice | Out and About Scopes

Southface Energy hosts a Summer Solstice party each summer. Near the longest day of the year, Atlanta's green building and sustainability community gather together to celebrate summer and community. Southface Energy has been helping professionals build green buildings all over the Southeast. This year was very special as Dennis Creech, Southface's leader was hosting his last Summer Solstice as he prepares to reboot his career and hand off the leadership reigns to someone else. Dozens of former interns came to celebrate and Southface staff had newsletters from the beginning on display. That's almost 40 years of news. Southface has created a community and body of work worthy of praise.


Garry Harris, Creation Care Ministry, Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church

Garry Harris, Creation Care Ministry, Historic Ebenezer Baptist ChurchMany times sustainability is a long path, especially at churches. Enter Garry Harris who has been working in sustainability and creation care circles for year. Southeast Green is thrilled to share that Garry's hard work has paid off and that in partnership with BlocPower, Historic Ebenzer Baptist Church will be having an energy audit conducted at their campus. The announcement was made at the Clinton Global Initiative on stage and more formally in a press conference with Mayor Kasim Reed. Pastor Raphael Warnock stood alongside the Mayor on stage as the program was announced.


Donnel Baird , CEO BlocPower at Clinton Global Initiative

Meet Donnel Baird, CEO of BlocPowerMeet Donnel Baird, CEO of BlocPower. Donnell is a native Atlantan who has been working in the clean energy sector, most recently in New York. Donnel discusses how his energy consulting company is making a difference in churches with energy audits. Southeast Green caught with Donnel at the Clinton Global Initiative to discuss the announcement about Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church.


Michael Halicki, ED of Park Pride at 2016 Clinton Global Initiative

Michael Halicki, ED of Park Pride at 2016 Clinton Global InitiativeThe 2016 Clinton Global Initiative is all about action and in that spirit of accomplishment there were several major announcements for the City of Atlanta. One of the major announcements was a new park for the westside of Atlanta. Southeast Green sat down with Michael Halicki, executive director of Park Pride as he shares the exciting news. Read announcement of park.


Mister Migs | Out and About Scopes

She’s dressed to impress the best of the breeds. Just snap your leash on to the ring tab detail at the neck* and get ready to play in Mister Migs style! Mister Migs is one of those stories we love. They put people first in the people, planet, profit motto. Mister Migs is a non-profit that uses recycling jeans and other fabrics to prepare disabled young people to matriculate into the regular work space. Mister Migs trains workers on a variety of jobs: sorting, sewing, bleaching, photography, cutting are just some of the tasks they perform, but what they really learn is meeting expectations of job performance, schedules and timeliness. And what do they make? The most adorable dog accessories ever! Dog leashes, collars, bandanas, and clothing are all part of the items you can purchase to support Mister Migs. Come take the tour with us as the founder, Karen Lynn explains the process.


Ode to One Million Solar Installations

Ode to One Million Solar InstallationsThe first week of May 2016 brought a celebration of the 1,000,000th solar installation in the US. Of course everyone thinks about big solar arrays but solar comes in all shapes and sizes. Southeast Green shares how solar can deployed in an unusual way. #millionsolarstrong


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