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Coastal Shoreline Bill Deserves Study, Careful Use of Science

Most people, including legislators, mistakenly think that Georgia’s 1979 Shore Protection Act (SPA) creates a “no-build” prohibition in the law’s “jurisdictional area” along the ocean shoreline.

But General Assembly members considering House Bill 271 need to be aware that the SPA allows up to two-thirds of that jurisdiction to be developed - meaning that in many if not most cases, a 25-foot jurisdiction – as now proposed in SPA amendments –  will leave only an 8-foot band of undisturbed area along the shoreline. That is far less than the typicalback-yardset-back that applies in most residential zoning districts.


About 200 Georgians Met with Legislators Urging Passage of Critical Coal Ash Legislation

From left to right: Amelia Shenstone (SACE), Rep. Stacy Abrams, Jess Sterling (Chattahoochee Riverkeeper)About 200 Georgians gathered at the Capitol Building, State Representative Jeff Jones (R-Brunswick) filed legislation to address Georgia’s toxic coal ash pollution.

H.B. 387 requires utilities to submit a “major modification” to National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) water discharge permits before releasing coal ash wastewater into Georgia’s waterways.


Simple Solar: Simply not Solar

Georgia Power Simple SolarGeorgia Power recently released a new solar energy program to replace its Green Energy program which it retired in late 2016. The Green Energy program had people support renewable energy by paying a premium price to have Georgia Power purchase green energy into their mix of energy production. The base of the green energy program went into biofuels and biogas. There was an additional fee you could pay to guarantee new solar being implemented in Georgia. Many Georgians participated in this program. For solar proponents, this was a way to support new solar in Georgia because the Public Service Commission was persuaded that the extra opt-in money to be meaningful to local solar development.  


Georgia Solar Energy Association’s Second Annual WISE Event Celebrates Women’s Career Gains in the Solar Industry

Solar Sister Founder and CEO Katherine Lucey to provide keynote addressSolar Sister Founder and CEO Katherine Lucey to provide keynote address

The Georgia Solar Energy Association’s Second Annual WISE Event on Tuesday, February 21, will celebrate the significant economic gains women in Georgia, the U.S. and worldwide are making with solar industry growth.

The event will be held from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Tuesday, February 21, at Blue Mark Studios, 892 Jefferson Street, NW, Atlanta, GA 30318.


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