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Blackwarrior Riverkeeper Remarks on Northport Sewer Spill


On July 4th the City of Northport, Alabama had a major sewer spill in the Black Warrior River. The spill revealed a city unprepared to fully address the emergency situation. The Black Warrior Riverkeeper was monitoring the situation and alerting the public to the spill. The city put a statement on it's Facebook page and website and failed to place public notices at public ramps into the river. Here's the latest update from the Black Warrior Riverkeeper.


Energy Department Recognizes The Wendy’s Company, and its Franchisee Wendco Group, For Leadership in Energy Performance

As part of the Obama Administration’s effort to cut energy waste in the nation’s restaurants and buildings, the Energy Department’s Better Buildings Challenge recognized the Wendy’s Company and its franchisee, Wendco Group, for leadership in energy efficiency. This local restaurant achieved a 37 percent total energy reduction or more than 50 percent energy savings per sales transaction, and nearly $8,000 in savings annually.


Eagle Solar & Light Contributes Solar Lighting to Red Mountain Park: Now Park Guests Zip Line, Rappel & Climb at Night with ActiveLED Lighting


Eagle Solar & Light Contributes Solar Lighting to Red Mountain ParkBirmingham-based company, Eagle Solar & Light has installed and contributed a brand new solar lighting system for Red Mountain Park.  The donation has made possible the illumination of the Park’s 80-foot tall Kaul Adventure Tower.  Now Park guests can zip line, rappel and climb at night during special after-hours events.  The lighting system is made up of ActiveLED Solar Lights and Solar Lighting Controls, PV solar panels and batteries.  During the day, the solar panels charge the batteries that store energy to power ActiveLED solar lights once the sun goes down. ActiveLED’s ActiveREST dimming technology dims the lights when no one is on the Kaul Adventure Tower and raises lighting back to full power when guests approach.  And should Park staff forget to turn the lights off at the end of an exciting night-time Adventure? No problem—ActiveLED controls will automatically turn the lights off at dawn.


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