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The Economic Cost of Obesity

According to Dr. James Hill, director of the Center of Human Nutrition at Colorado Health Sciences University, “Genes don’t make us obese. They allow us to be obese.” If our genes aren’t to blame for this rise in obesity, what is? Recent research suggests that socioeconomic class can impact our bodies as much as genetics, and may be a more accurate predictor for a variety of future health issues, including obesity. Check out this video to learn more about how American policies, like food subsidies, have had a direct role in driving our current obesity crisis.


Planting Hope: The Story of SHI

Central America has lost more than half of its tropical forests to slash-and-burn farming.

Since 1997, Sustainable Harvest International has been working rural farming families in Central America on organic vegetable gardens, wood-conserving stoves, community loan funds and a host of other projects to dramatically improve their quality of life while reversing the effects of slash-and-burn farming.

This video is the story of how SHI is working with local people in Honduras to break the cycle of poverty and deforestation.


Georgia Ports Authority Arbor Day Commitment 2013

On National Arbor Day, the Georgia Ports Authority made a commitment to put dozens of historic trees that are more than 200 years old located on GPA's Garden City Terminal, under protective governance, now and into the future. Georgia Ports Authority is committed to conducting port operations in an efficient and environmentally respective manner. We continually improve our operations and facilities with these goals in mind. See what we are doing around the Port to protect and preserve surrounding wetlands, reduce emissions and help our community. Find more information about GPA's sustainability effort at


CEB Biodiesel Retail Station - Atlanta

Highlights Clean Energy Biofuels' biodiesel operation in Atlanta, GA. CEB is a full circle biodiesel company. We collect waste grease from local restaurants, process it at our 100% solar-powered production facility and sell it at the retail level at our fueling station at 250 Arizona Ave. near Candler Park.


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