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Phish for Black Warrior Riverkeeper

Jon Fishman of Phish and David Whiteside film a PSA for Black Warrior Riverkeeper. Produced by David Whiteside. Edited by David Whiteside. Special thanks: WaterWheel Foundation, Briar and Jon Fishman, Beth Montouri-Rowles, Matthew Beck, Charles Scribner, Arthur Crenshaw, John Hoving, Robert F. Kennedy III, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


Less Traffic. More Jobs. A Stronger Economy.

What do we gain?

  • 200k - A yes vote means nearly 200,000 jobs will be supported or created, with two-thirds of them being in high or mid-paying sectors.
  • $9.2B - Collectively, our region will benefit from a $9.2 billion savings in fuel and personal time
  • $924 - The current expense per average metro commuter due to traffic congestion.
  • 24% - Average decrease in traffic delays with buildout of 157 transportation projects

What do we lose?

  • Federal funding for GRTA the regional bus service. 
  • Jobs, jobs, jobs and more jobs
  • State revenue as companies choose to relocate in other Southern Cities


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