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GCS - Green House Incubator - PhytoSynthetix

Erico Mattos has just graduated as a Ph.D in Crop and Soil Sciences from the University of Georgia in August 2013. In 2012 Erico graduated from the Graduate Studies Program at Singularity University located at NASA Ames Research Center and is now working on several entrepreneurial projects related to new techniques in food production. Erico is an Agricultural Engineer by training and got his degree at University of Sao Paulo in 2008. As an advocate of urban agriculture systems, Mattos sees the intelligent use of exponential technologies as a solution to meet the increasing demand for healthy food based on sustainable, integrated production systems. Erico is also a co founder of PhytoSynthetix, a high-tech horticultural lighting company that combines plant physiology with bioengineering to built the first intelligent illumination system in the world. PhytoSynthetix developed a proprietary biological feedback system that allows the lights to communicate with the plants and maximize energy use efficiency thus increasing biomass production while reducing energy consumption. This solution reduces the cost of indoor cultivation allowing urban fresh food production to become feasible.


Billy Johnson, Director of Political and Public Affairs at the Institute for Scrap Recycling Industries

William “Billy” Johnson is the Director of Political and Public Affairs at the Institute for Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. (ISRI) in Washington, D.C.  Billy works closely with ISRI members to formulate and advance the scrap recycling industry’s policy priorities and promote the industry as America’s Original Recycler©. 


GCS - Green House Incubator – Evgentech

Jackie Hutter, MS, JD is the CEO of Evgentech, a role in which she leads the development and execution of the company’s strategic initiatives, such as developing and managing intellectual property (“IP”) protection efforts, securing of licensing partners and building the team and infrastructure needed for Evgentech to scale from a start up technology venture to a profitable battery charging innovations company.  She has been a part of the company’s management team since 2010 when she was brought on as an IP adviser to the co-founders.


GCS - Green House Incubator - Consensus Energy

Steve O'Neil, MSc, has twenty years of professional experience with environmental-related organizations including executive management, adviser, corporate governance, and founding entrepreneur.

Steve founded Applied Energy Conservation Systems in 2007, which has since become Consensus Energy, a commercial and industrial energy-savings consulting firm based in Atlanta.


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