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Tweet Diary - Decatur Downtown Park kick-off

Citizens of Downtown Decatur are joining together to push the City of Decatur to put more greenspace in the downtown area. Recently, sales of several properties have made greenspace a particular importance since even private greenspace is being converted into commercial developments. While the City Manager's office is resistant, neighbors are joining together to push the issue. Their kick-off meeting was held August 20th at the Decatur Library. Over 40 residents showed up to express concern about the lack of greenspace which actually increases property values when in place. Although, that wasn't a concern for residents, since City of Decatur residents enjoy some of the highest property values in Metro Atlanta, the intrinsic value of parks was of great concern. Park Pride was in attendance and presented on the monetary value of parks. Two Decatur City Commissioners were present along with a representative from the City Manager's office and DeKalb County Commissioner Kathie Gannon. To read the tweets in order start from the bottom up.


Tweet Diary - GRC Georgia Glass Recycling Conference

Back in July, many recycling haulers, county governments, and municipalities made announcements that they would stop taking glass in single stream recycling. Some cities like Decatur went back and asked residents if they would be willing to pay more to continue to have glass in their recycling for an additional cost of $25 a year. The answer was a resounding yes.

So what happened? That was one of the purposes of the Georgia Glass Recycling Conference. The conference brought haulers, local governments, recyclers, and manufacturers to inform and find solutions to the current crisis and crisis is indeed what it is. 


Tweet Diary - SEEA Breakfast at Habitat for Humanity Atlanta

The Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance (SEEA) hosted there annual breakfast in July. The location for the event was at the Atlanta Habitat for Humanity headquarters. Habitat has taken a bigger vision in regards to community, energy efficiency and what the future holds. Watch the Out and About Scope from the event. To read the tweets in order start at the bottom and read up.


Tweet Diary - Clinton Global Initiative in Atlanta

The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) arrived in Atlanta after being hosted in Chicago and Denver for several years.

The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) arrived in Atlanta after being hosted in Chicago and Denver for several years. The room was electrified with over 750 people in attendance. The event included many exciting programs being either highlighted or announced that are happening in Atlanta. Highlighted programs included Cox Enterprises, Park Pride, ACE, Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, the Blank Foundation, and Equifax.


Tweet Diary - DOE Southeast Regional QER

The Department of Energy (DOE) held it's last of six Quadrennial Energy Reviews (QER) in Atlanta. The reviews are a program in enacted by Secretary Muniz. It allows all players in the energy markets to provide feedback on energy policy. The event also allowed for public comment at the end of the day. Although we didn't stay for the entire day, Southeast Green got to hear three panels from power company executives and three presentations from Federal government programs. Read in order start at bottom.


Tweet Diary - Solar Ready Vet Program with DOE and DOD

The DOE and DOD recently held a joint press release conference to announce expansion of the solar training program called Solar Ready Vets. As many soldiers prepare to matriculate, preparing our soldiers to find gainful employment after their service is a priority for the DOD. The Solar Ready Vet program is doubling it's training locations including locations in the Florida Panhandle and North Carolina. Additionally University of Tennessee and University of Central Florida will be receiving workforce grants. Read the press release. To read in order start at the bottom up.


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