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Tweet Diary - Chattahoochee Now Launch Event

Chattahochee Now project mapThe recently founded Chattahoochee Now non-profit held a kick-off for their program recently at King & Spalding. Board members including Marianne Lanier of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation, Walter Brown of Jamestown Properties/Riverview Landing Atlanta, Steve Nygren of Serenbe were just some of the notable board members who will be supporting this effort. Many may say the Chattahoochee is beautiful and the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper, who is also a partner, has done a wonderful job. That is true but for 53 miles (106 miles of riverbank) of the river just south of National Park there is still a tremendous amount of pollution and work that needs to be done. This is where Chattahoochee Now steps in to provide inspiration, funding and revisioning of the river. Working along with the Georgia Conservancy, the Atlanta Beltline and the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper, Chattahoochee Now will start this exciting project that will bring restoration to Atlanta's beloved river. To get everyone fired up Jeff Shoemaker ED of The Greenway Foundation from Denver who has spent 40 years restoring the South Platte River. An inspiring story for sure. Stay tuned for more news on this exciting project. Get a peak at the photos from the event.


Tweet Diary - GWCC achieves LEED Silver

Georgia World Congress Center made a major announcement at their Board of Governors meeting. Joined by sustainability leaders from across the city, Southeast Green was honored to cover the momentous event. Although we were under a press blackout. We took tweets of the event so our readers could get a feel for the event. To read in order start at the top and read down. Read the press release. Watch our interview with Tim Trefzer. See the pictures from the event.


Tweet Diary - Pump the Movie

Pump the MoviePump the Movie was here in Atlanta at the Plaza Theater. Southeast Green attended the Atlanta Premier which was followed by a Q & A with Yossie Hollander, the producer. Southeast Green also got to interview Yossie twice. Once on Speaking of Green and then at the event with SEGreen Mobile. This unenvironmental movie makes one of the most compelling environmental and energy security arguments for fueling America with American fuel solutions. The film is fuel agnostic but supports American solutions to our energy consumption. It was amazing to see how many alternative fuel choices we have from EVs, ethanol, LNG, CNG, biodeisel and methanol. To read in order start at the bottom and read up.


Tweet Diary - Chattahoochee Riverkeeper Celebrating 20 years with Sally Bethea

Sally Bethea - Chattahoochee Riverkeeper GalaThe annual Chattahoochee Riverkeeper Gala was also an event that honored Sally Bethea who after founding and then serving as the Riverkeeper for 20 years is now stepping down to allow new leaders create the next chapter of the Chattahoochee River. To see pictures from the event click here. To read the tweets in order click here or start at the bottom and read up.

We wish Sally the best of luck in her next role whatever that will be. We know she will be incredible in it.


Tweet Diary - USGBC Georgia GreenScene LEED4

USGBC hosted GreenScenes at Manuel's Tavern. Before the networking began the group was brought up to speed on LEED4. Presented by Carlie Bullock-Jones and colleague, USGBC attendees got an overview on LEED4 and the changes to the latest version of the green building standard. To read the tweets in order start at the bottom and read up.


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