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How To Be Green And Save Money On Your Household Bills

Rising energy bills are giving rise to more and more ways to cut costs on your energy, such as turning everything off at the socket, or only using their TV for a few hours a day. However, there are easier ways to cut costs down, meaning you can leave your laptop plugged in and have the lights on whilst watching a film! These are a number of long term solutions which will save you some essential cash on your monthly bills.


LED Light Bulb: An Easy And Efficient Upgrade

There are many benefits to making your home more ‘green’ and more energy efficient. Aside from taking positive steps toward environmental responsibility, you will also see significant savings in your electricity and hydro bills. Doing something as basic as changing out your generic light bulbs in favor of an LED light bulb, will provide you better more efficient lighting – and the bulb will also last longer.


Water Conservation Kits Making Saving Water Simple

With 90 percent of states throughout the US reporting water-stress conditions as of 2009, water conservation is becoming an increasingly important issue across the country. Keeping this in mind, choose to use water more efficiently. Doing so has a number of benefits, from decreasing water and energy consumption to saving money on utility bills. Installing the items in water conservation kits sets you on the right track to preserving this precious resource while reaping these benefits at the same time.


Spend a Summer ‘Staycation’ With the Environment in Mind

Are you planning a ‘staycation’ to avoid the cost of rising fuel prices? You can enjoy everything the area has to offer and still make a difference in preserving its natural resources, thanks to conservation programs developed by the Southwest Florida Water Management District.

Southwest Flrodia offers many ways to enjoy some time off close to home without sacrificing the environment.



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