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The Most Energy Intensive Home Appliances

Electric home appliances were invented to serve as more convenient ways of doing housework. You don’t have to mess around in the sink with hot water and soap if you have a dishwasher, for instance. Just arrange the plates in the dishwasher, switch the appliance on, and you can do some other work than washing the dishes. The same goes for the washing machine, clothes dryer and microwave oven. But convenience costs something, so it is prudent to understand which home appliances consume the most electricity so you can reduce their use and lower your monthly electricity bills.


Is Your Bathroom Eco-friendly?

Eco-friendly Bathroom - FreeDigitalPhotos.netGreen living can extend into the powder room. While you may not think you can make a bathroom more energy efficient and eco-friendly, there are actually several steps you can take to make this space more environmentally friendly. Here are a few changes you should consider investing in.



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