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How To Build Your LEED Home

LEED for HomesFor years you've lived the green life — from energy efficient lightbulbs to growing your own veggies to reusable diapers. Now you're ready to step it up by building an LEED home.

First off, it's a great time to enter LEED living. The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) recently updated the requirements for becoming LEED certified. They call the requirements "LEED v4." One of the aims of the update is to make the process easier. Not that the requirements are less stringent, just more of a streamlined process and less paperwork.


Using grapefruit and salt to treat dirty bathtubs

Grapefruit and Salt Bathtub CleanerSometimes conventional cleaning methods are just not worth the risk. Big cleaning supply companies don’t want you to know this, but aside from the fancy perfumes and aromas they stuff in those things, they also put ammonia, 2-butoxyethanol, ethoxylated nonyl phenol, methylene chloride, naphthalene, silica, toluene, xylene and others. These are all harsh and dangerous chemicals that should be avoided at all costs; especially when they are so many wonderful alternatives available. Now, you might be asking yourself – how can grapefruit and common household salt help me, while tested and proven commercial cleaning detergents cannot. Well, for one grapefruit possesses a special ingredient that is both good for your health and good for cleaning bathtubs – I am of course talking about citric acid. This naturally occurring chemical is just what almost every concerned housekeeper is looking for. Sure it can get rather expensive (compared to regular cleaning detergents, this will cost you a hefty bundle), but by using grapefruit, at least you know exactly what you are putting near you. Let’s follow a step-by-step tutorial of how to clean your bathtub effectively, without using any nasty detergents what so ever (feel free to apply this method to other parts of the bathroom; like the tap and the toilet bowl.


Go Green: Freshen Air with Menthol

Menthol - Creative Common FlickrHaving fresh air indoors is extremely important for human beings just as it is important for animals and plants. You can only benefit by providing clean and toxic-free air at home. Many chronic illnesses like asthma can be irritated and worsened if there is not enough oxygen in the room. Household cleaners that we tend to use to remove dust and dirt are loaded with harsh chemicals that have a bad impact on us. They can cause skin and lung irritations and are generally hazardous.


Best Organic Makeup Brands For Cosplay And Comic Cons

Image courtesy of piyato / FreeDigitalPhotos.netFinding cosmetics that help bring a vision of a character to life is difficult enough but when eco-consciousness and a desire to live a healthier lifestyle are added into the mix, finding a brand or two that will work seems like an insurmountable task. Fortunately, there are a number of companies that fill the bill with makeup that is sourced from certifiable organic sources, uses natural colorants, and does away with harsh chemicals that could be potentially absorbed into the blood stream through the skin. These are the companies that have the best and most colorful product lines for using in cosplay, while still being health conscious.


Simple Ways to Green Your Home


When it comes to improving the environment, it begins with you. From using an alternative cleaning material to recycling, making some minor adjustments at home can add up to significant benefits for the planet, not to mention improve your happiness and health.

Even though you have probably heard it before, the best way you to a green home is to recycle as much as you can and cut down on what you are consuming, such as bottled water. Roughly, 208 million tons of waste is generated every year. Every little bit will help, so why not start saving today?



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