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Community Services

One of the easiest ways to learn about going green is to tap into the community services available. There are several non-profit organizations, schools and government agencies in our community that are truly dedicated to sustainable development. This section will help you locate the resources you need to further your green education, both personally and professionally.

How To Go Green

Our How to Go Green section is full of free information, articles and tips about how to green up your life. Whether it’s your home, office or commercial building, creating a green living or working environment should not be a complicated process.

Change can be challenging and the green industry is changing rapidly. Now, more than ever, there are more choices of green products and services at various price levels. So, we’ve broken down general How to Go Green information into three easy categories.

Is it really “Green” or just greenwashing

New Life Journal’s Green Home Experts Board helps you spot signs—from exaggerations to falsehoods—a mile away.

New Life Journal columnist and Green Home Experts Board member Clarke Snell put it best in his March Building Fundamentals column when he said, “Unless you live under a rock on another planet whose sentient inhabitants have developed advanced anti-BS technology and the ability to block HGTV, you’re just about sick of the word ‘green’ right now.”


Steps to Take for a Greener Home

Living more environmentally-friendly may seem like a daunting task, but by taking small steps you can really make a difference in transforming your home. Going "green" means that your lifestyle will be better for the environment and will help to preserve the earth for many generations. Transforming your home into one that's more environmentally-friendly is a big step, but one that will have a positive impact on your life and the environment.



Full of Useless Information