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It’s all about the “Delta T”!

The title of this article is what homeowners need to focus on when you are fed up with high electricity bills or uncomfortable rooms and want to do something about it.  No, I’m not talking about getting out of town via Delta’s “T” gates at Hartsfield. The “Delta T” is simply the difference in temperature between the air conditioned space in your home and other places that aren’t air conditioned.  When you’re serious about investing in the comfort and energy efficiency of your home, you need to attack the areas that have the greatest Delta T.


Steps to Energy Saving Success

Before you pull the trigger on a major investment to make your home more comfortable or more energy efficient, make sure you have attended to the smaller things that can undermine your investment.  I’ve heard from too many homeowners that have made 1 big energy improvement investment hoping to fix the cause of their high energy bills or uncomfortable rooms.   With an unseasonably cold winter and so much advertising and energy saving marketing going on, it’s easy to get sucked into the hype and plunk down big money in an effort to reduce your energy bills or warm up your home. 

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Make Moving Easier & Greener

A local company, “Rent The Box”, is offering a creative and green alternative to buying disposable cardboard moving boxes.  Rent The Box founder, Rob Hancharick started this business out of frustration dealing with cardboard moving boxes, packing tape, building and breaking down boxes and transport from the retailer and then to the recycling center.  As a better solution that will help to make residential and business moves easier and greener, Rent The Box ( provides free delivery and pick up of reusable plastic boxes and free reusable packing materials all at a lower cost than cardboard box retailers.


Top 10 Things to Consider While Going Green

When you are considering a green renovation or “greenovation” as many are now calling it there are many different directions you can go.Before you get started in trying to save the planet while renovating your home make sure you have a good sustainability plan.In most areas you can look to your local green building programs to see what they have to offer as a guide.The Hoots Group uses the EarthCraft renovation worksheet for “greenovations” along with principles from the Home Performance with Energy Star program as well the LEED for Home Program.The worksheets can be very confusing and since there are so many options here are some basic green principles to use with and without the green worksheets.If you follow these basic concepts you will get a more holistic green project.


Hoots Group Top 10 Things to Consider While Greenovating Your Home

10.)Low VOC/ HAPS free finishes. By using products that do not have harmful off gassing, you are able to preserve the indoor air quality.

9.) Solar Thermal. One of the most efficient ways to heat your water is by the sun.In Atlanta you can have up to 85% of your water heated by the sun.

8.)Upgrade insulation. By using spray foam insulation you can decrease your heating and cooling bills up to 50%.

7.) Water conservation.We are currently in a level IV drought in Atlanta.There are many ways to cut back on water consumption.Low flow toilets, facets and shower heads are a great start.

6.) High efficiency HVAC.When you upgrade to a high efficiency HVAC not only do you save on your utility bills, but you also are more comfortable because they tend to be of better quality.

5.) Jobsite Management.Good management is a must on a green jobsite.The principles of Reduse, ReUse and Recycle are possible only with good jobsite management.

4.)Jobsite recycling.By recycling on the jobsite, The Hoots Group is able to divert up to 90% of the waste from the landfill.Some of the waste can be reused on the site as erosion control.

3.) Advanced framing.This type of framing uses less wood and allows for space for insulation.The extra insulation increases the R-Value for the house while decreasing energy bills.

2.) Site orientation.By keeping the house out of direct sunlight you are able to decrease the heating and cooling loads on the house and keep the occupants of the house more comfortable.

1.)Enforce the Energy Code.Most contractors like to brag that they found a way around the code.By just meeting the code you received a D-.Not only should you aspire to obey the code, but exceeding the code gives you a better structure that will last longer.


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