Most people take water for granted, which is crazy when you consider how many people throughout the world have access to very little. We should all be doing our part to save as much water as possible instead of wasting it all. I'm going to show you a few great ways you can start recycling water at home so you can help to make the world a better place.


Put a rain barrel in your garden

The main goal here is to collect as much water as possible once it falls from the sky. If any water lands on a big enough surface you can let it run into a barrel sitting on the ground. Your shed roof is a perfect example of a large surface you can use. You just need to fit some guttering at the bottom of the sloped roof that all the water can run into and you can have a downpipe at the end that drops into your barrel.

Don't waste water when cooking food

People waste a lot of water when they're cooking dinner and we're going to look at how you can recycle it. First you must learn to only turn the tap on when you actually need it, so don't let it run for 5 minutes when you're not there. When you wash any vegetables you should do it in a bowl and it means you can use the water for something else when you're done.  If you cook pasta you can also reuse the water when it's finished.

Use a low-flow toilet and showerhead

After you've been to the toilet you must flush it because you don't want your home to smell, but a normal toilet always uses far too much water. It's the same when you're using a shower because you don't need very much water to wash yourself. You can buy low-flow alternatives these days and it means they use less water to get the job done. Don't worry because you won't even know the difference.

Lay down a shower bucket

I don't know anyone who jumps in the shower as soon as they turn it on because the water is always very cold. It's the reason why people let it run for a few minutes before jumping in, but just think about how much wasted water is going straight down the drain. Before you turn the shower on you should lay a bucket underneath to catch all the water and you can take it out to use in your garden.

Take a bath instead of a shower

You're probably wondering what is going on because most people tell you to take a shower instead of a bath. A shower uses less water, but you can reuse the water inside a bath. When you're planning to water your garden or give it a good clean you should take a bath that morning instead. Once you've finished you will have more than enough water to do what you need to do outside.

Flush the toilet with sink water

It's pointless trying to gather up the water in the sink after you've used it because there won't be much there that can be used for anything. That doesn't take away the fact you're still wasting water, but there is something you can do. If you play around with the pipes you can send the used sink water straight into the toilet. You don't have to flush a toilet with clean water, so you now have a new way to save liters of dirty water per day.

Start off small

Don't try to do everything on the list at once because you'll end up getting stressed out. Just start small and pick one or two things to do. Every week you can try something else and in a few months you'll be a water recycling machine.

Today’s feature writer, Heather Smith, works with Zhangqiu Oasis Machinery, a leading provider of roots blower machine in China. She has a keen interest in technology and keeps up with the latest gadgets to hit the market.

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