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Frugal Gardening: 5 Inexpensive Steps To Building Your Own Simple Greenhouse

Greenhouse - Build your own If you've been looking at greenhouses lately you might have noticed they're expensive. Just because you don't have a lot of money available it doesn't mean you can't grow your own vegetables You will get to enjoy the pleasure that comes from biting into a fresh tomato for the first time. Did you know they taste much better when you grow them yourself? Even though it's hard to prove I'm sure you'll agree.


4 Awesome Tips To Prevent Birds And Pests From Ransacking Your Garden

After all that hard work and dedication you put into growing your precious vegetable garden, the last thing you want is your fruits and vegetables being feasted upon by birds and ground pests. No doubt, this definitely means that the stuff you're growing is incredibly tasty, but hey, you're the one who should be deciding that, right? Well, you still can! As long as you follow some simple tips mentioned below, you can keep birds and pests away from your beloved garden, and have the fruits of your hard work all to yourself!


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