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Environmental Benefits of Trees

  • One acre of trees produce enough oxygen for 18 people every day and keeps pollutants in check.
  • Trees absorb and deflect sunlight which cools the air and alters rainfall patterns.
  • Trees act as natural water filters and help reduce runoff, soil erosion and flooding.
  • Trees absorb sound waves, reducing noise pollution.
  • Trees create natural environments which attract and provide habitats for birds and other wildlife.


Gardening with the Moon

Though we do have a year-round garden season in Georgia, the weeks during winter are definitely a quiet time in the garden.  This is a great time to do some garden planning, and this lesson calls on children to make the connection between the moon and plants as they plan their spring vegetable garden.  This is a great lesson for bridging the second grade standards of life cycles and motions of celestial bodies.
Ideally, this lesson would be followed by planting seeds at each phase of the moon and tracking their growth, but it can simply be used to bring awareness to phases of the moon while executing spring garden planning.

Click here to view the lesson and here to view the answer chart.

Spring Garndening tips from East Lake

This a compilation of several e-mails from the East Lake Neighborhood list serve.

Neighbor A –
With 54 days until spring, it is time to consider starting a vegatable garden. It can be small and easy! You will see in the stores, your favorites, in seed. Bring them home and plant them in your left over egg containers. Come April you will be able to plant your raised plants. Share your seeds with your neighbor. Do it! $5.00 turns into $185.00 per family of HOME GROWN FUN & SAVINGS! You go!

Neighbor B –
Get with your neighbors to split the price of seeds. One person buy melons.. one person buy tomatoes... One person.. etc.. One packet of seeds is enough to cover your entire property in monoculture. Not the best for maintaining a biodiverse landscape.

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