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Buried Alive: The Problem of Planting Trees too Deeply

Tree planting season is in full swing across Georgia. Many communities invest significant amounts of time and money into their community tree planting projects. With such large investments, communities often take great care to ensure the survival of their trees by selecting the right tree for the site and providing proper post-planting care. Unfortunately, if the same amount of care and attention is not given to proper tree planting techniques, all is for naught.


How to Care for Your Tree

Let your tree know how much you care by paying careful attention to this section. Watering, mulching, and pruning your tree properly will ensure years of vibrant, healthy life for you, your tree, and future generations.


How to Start a Community Garden on Public Land Near You

Thinking of starting a community garden, and eyeing that public park nearby, or tired of being on a waiting list at the only community garden in your city? You’re not alone. Community gardens are flourishing nationwide as a terrific way for citizens to grow healthy food as well as community bonds, but there are currently not enough of them to meet the demand.


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