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7 Great Tips For Anyone Thinking About Starting An Organic Vegetable Patch

Organic vegetables and in vogue at the moment, but have you seen how much they cost? Unless you're an investment banker or a doctor you won't have any money left after stocking up your fridge. Some people decide to grow their own because it's easy, but it's also very fun. If you want to give it a try we can look at some helpful tips that will help you get started.


How To Use Plants To Soak Up Chemicals In Your Garden And Improve Soil Quality

One would probably be surprised to see how many poisons are in the soil where your garden is planted. Even if you have grown them organically, there might be toxins from years ago seeping through the soil from previous owners or nearby farms. Many chemicals also end up in soil or groundwater through evaporation. One common poison in your backyard garden is arsenic, once commonly found in treated wood, arsenic can live underground for decades and put your entire family at risk if it seeps into your water supply or somehow gets on the food you eat.


4 Reasons To Buy Trees Online

Native Pecan TreeWhether you’re a homeowner who just wants beautiful trees for shade and fruit, or are someone with dreams of owning an orchard for business purposes, it pays off to purchase online. For many of us, purchasing plants via Internet isn’t as likely as it may be with shoes or clothes, but you might be surprised at what you can find.


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