After all that hard work and dedication you put into growing your precious vegetable garden, the last thing you want is your fruits and vegetables being feasted upon by birds and ground pests. No doubt, this definitely means that the stuff you're growing is incredibly tasty, but hey, you're the one who should be deciding that, right? Well, you still can! As long as you follow some simple tips mentioned below, you can keep birds and pests away from your beloved garden, and have the fruits of your hard work all to yourself!


Use simple tactics to scare birds away

Seeing birds in your garden is undoubtedly a beautiful site, but definitely not when they're feeding on your corn and pecking into your blueberries! The good news is that there are a number of different tactics you can try out in order to scare birds away from your garden. Apparently birds tend to dislike anything that is shiny, reflective, or makes noise. You can try things like reflective tapes, scary looking balloons, owl statues, scarecrows that look like coyotes, mock snakes or birds of prey, and so on. You can even consider installing a water sprinkler system that uses a motion sensor to detect birds and pests, and shoots out a burst of water to scare them and deter them from coming back. You could also have a go at using soda cans or foil pans to reflect sunlight so as to annoy the birds and keep them away from your veggie garden.        

Give ground pests a taste of your spice

You just love the spices in your food, don't you? Well, how about sharing some spices with your garden pests and see if they like it too? Bet not! Yes, you'd be glad to know that you can use some commonly available spices from your home to successfully ward off pests from your garden. Try making a spray by blending water, red chili peppers, and a few cloves of garlic. Spray this concoction on your plants and repel a number of pests such as lace bugs, aphids, mice, raccoons, skunks, cabbage maggots, and more. Cloves or clove oil can also be used effectively in keeping pests at bay, since clove oil contains eugenol, which is a fast-acting insecticide agent capable of deterring a range of different insects including ants, aphids, dust mites, flies, fleas, and cockroaches. Turmeric is yet another common spice strongly despised by ants and other pests. Try sprinkling turmeric powder around the base and leaves of your plants, or steep some fresh turmeric in a bowl of water and use it as a spray, and see it work wonders in driving away pests!

Build a barrier or use a net

Building a barrier is yet another effective way to keep the flying nibblers at bay. Try placing inverted crates or disposable cups over vulnerable plants and seedlings. Make cages out of hardware cloth or place chicken wire over your seedbed. Bird netting is also a sure shot way of keep birds away from your harvest. Bird netting is not only effective, but is also a long lasting way of bird proofing your priceless garden. The bird net is essentially something like a netted tent that falls over your plants, providing a discreet and impenetrable barrier that protects your seedlings, vegetables, and food crops without harming the birds in any way. Thought a net or a bird barrier might not give your garden a very appealing look, it certainly ensures no more birdy invasions in your garden!

Egg shells to stop slugs from feasting on your veggie garden

So what do you normally do with the left-over egg shells when you prepare eggs for your meals? Do you chuck them down the garbage bin? Next time, instead of throwing them away, you might want to use them in your garden to deter pests! Yes, crush the egg shells and scatter them evenly over your soil bed. Doing so will deter slugs and other garden pests from slithering across your garden since due to their soft undersides, the last thing they want to slither over is sharp and jagged egg shells! Not only that, apparently egg shells are also rich sources of calcium carbonate and so they be great as natural fertilizers. 

The author of this article, Gary Fetcher, is a part of the team at Feral Bird Management, leading providers of bird repellent in Perth. Gary is passionate about wine and is training to become a sommelier.

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