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Recycling Program in Forsyth County Schools

Forsyth County has five news school opening this fall.  All of these schools want to have recycling programs in place when their doors open this August.  The Avenues has donated 75 paper collection bins to these schools to help them do this.  Unfortunately, the PTAs running the programs need additional bins to collect the classroom paper and to collect cafeteria plastic.  I have been trying to help Lakeside MS and Hawcreek ES PTAs with their recycling programs.
A new PTA is essentially broke, so there is little to no funds for the Environmental Education Committees at these schools.  If you, someone you know or a business is interested in making a donation of $25 or more, please contact me.  In return, the Lakeside MS and/or Haw Creek ES PTAs will recognize you in their newsletters and by other means to thank you for your donation.
Recycling in schools promotes environmental education, awareness and good stewardship among students that will stay with them into adulthood.  Together we can make a difference!  GO GREEN!
Denise Carleton & Mary Nix a/k/a Petunia Garner, Co-Founders
Reaping Nature Productions, LLC
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Recycle Your Analog TVs

Recycle Your Analog TVs and More with Recycletronics™ at Tommy Nobis Center

In light of the June 12 DTV transition and the increase in analog television waste, RecycletronicsTM wants to recycle your TVs, computers, copiers, cell phones and more. Individuals or companies may bring e-recyclables to the Tommy Nobis Center any Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm. Working in partnership with Waste Management, RecycletronicsTM at Tommy Nobis Center is Waste Management’s only depot for recycling electronics in Georgia. The Center is located at 1480 Bells Ferry Road, ¼ mile east of Cobb Parkway in Marietta. TNC will sort and disassemble donated TVs and other electronics into raw materials, or clean them for reuse with donors’ input. PC hard drive wiping or complete shredding is a free option.


Have your own recycling contest

Dunwoody North Recycling Contest

From May 4, to May 16, 2009 some Dunwoody North neighbors who recycle have initiated a contest that will cover Briers North, Stonehenge Drive, Court and Way and Sudbury Rd. with Courts East and West. A packet of information will be hung on each mailbox on those Dunwoody North streets. Households on those streets that are not already recycling can sign up for DeKalb County curbside recycling before May 16,2009 and be eligible for a drawing of gifts donated by local businesses. There are shopping cards from Kroger, free lawn cuts from Southern Seasons, free gym days at the local Jewish Community Center and gifts from the Medicine Shoppe. All that new recyclers have to do to be in the drawing is to sign up with DeKalb County curbside recycling by May 16, using the information in their information packet. Successive contests are planned until all of Dunwoody North has been covered.


Make sure your old tv gets recycled in the Southeast


Did you know that most recycled e-waste doens't actually get recycled? Make sure everything gets recycled properly and in the Southeast to boot!

Zentech has partnered with the largest e-waste processor in the Southeast US to offer a high volume, low cost, glass-to-glass CRT processing service tailored to the needs of high volume waste generators, municipalities and e-waste recyclers/collectors.


Donate Your Clothing

The Enchanted Closet is a volunteer-run nonprofit organization. We rely on the generosity of individuals and companies to sponsor our programs.  

Enchanted Closet is currently accepting donations for the 2009 Prom season. During our annual dress drives, the Enchanted Closet accepts new or gently worn prom-appropriate formal dresses (dry-cleaned and on hangers), especially in sizes 16+. You can drop-off formal dresses, accessories, and cosmetics at the Sandy Springs Library branch at 395 Mt. Vernon Highway NE until March 8, 2009.

In addition to prom dresses, we also accept the following accessories: jewelry, handbags, hair clips.

Donate Your Time



Volunteer at the Enchanted Closet Prom Dress Giveaway where teenage girls “shop” for a dress and accessories! Available volunteer positions include:

  • Personal shoppers
  • Accessories coordinators
  • Registration & check-out coordinators
  • Make-up and beauty consultants

The 2009 Prom Dress Giveaway will be held on:

  • March 22nd at The Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Education in Midtown
  • March 28th at Virginia Gray Rec. Center in Riverdale
  • April 4th at Georgia State University in Atlanta

Volunteers MUST be 18 years old or older and MUST participate in our new e-orientation online.

Georgia Survey Reveals Strong Demand for Recycling programs

According to a Georgia statewide survey conducted by Responsive Management and commissioned by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA), the majority of Georgians care about the environment and agree that they can make an impact through personal action.

Recycling was seen as an effective way to help the environment. Ninety-seven percent of Georgians feel that recycling should be a high priority for their fellow residents. Findings provide insight into residents’ awareness and attitudes about recycling. With extremely tight budgets available to promote recycling, the survey results will serve as the foundation for developing a very targeted and cost-effective statewide recycling education campaign.


Best Buy to participate in e-recycling

Best Buy Co., Inc. will bring its electronics recycling program February 15, 2009 to all of its 1,006 stores nationwide, according to a January 27 press release.

Starting February 15, consumers can bring up to two units per day, per household, for recycling at any U.S. Best Buy store. The company will accept most consumer electronics, including televisions and monitors up to 32 inches, computer CPUs and notebooks, small electronics, VCR and DVD players, and phones, as well as accessories such as keyboards, mice, and remotes.


4 Ways To Earn Cash for Recycling

4 Ways to Earn Cash for Recycling

Recycling may be getting easier each year, but let's face it: People are lazy. That's why bottles get thrown into trash bins when recycling bins are a foot away. It's also why technology ends up in landfills, when it could be deconstructed for its perfectly good parts. Four programs are trying to change that by offering armchair environmentalists cold, hard cash to recycle their stuff.


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