The design of a mattress has basically been perfected and very few changes are being introduced. Most mattress designs will use a basic set of components. The various components of a mattress can be used as products to recycle or to use for other projects. Recycling is the best way to reuse the parts of an old mattress and money can be made from selling the material as scrap.


Steel Inner Spring

A basic mattress will have between 300 and 600 steel coils based on its size. This means a bed that is a single size will have fewer coils than a queen or king size bed. Another thing to consider is the quality of the mattress is also a factor for the number of coils. The majority of the steel wire that is used to create the inner-springs of the mattress comes from scrap steel that has been recycled. This means the steel in an old mattress can be recycled and used to make more new steel.

Mattress Stuffing

The stuffing for a mattress will typically consist of foam products and cotton. These can easily be used for other purposes if they are recycled. Foam and cotton are great materials for reupholstering furniture and for the stuffing used in pillows. The foam in an old mattress can also be used to make new padding for carpet. The polyurethane foam that is used in a mattress is typically a plant-based material. Foam in a used mattress can easily be ground up and used to make padding and other cushioning products.

Foundation Wood

The wood used as the foundation frame for a mattress can easily be recycled and used to make various products. Wood that is shredded is able to be converted into lawn mulch. Disassembling a mattress is a way to obtain wood that be used to burn in an inside fire or to use for a campfire. The type of wood for a mattress frame can vary, but will be from tree species that are non-endangered. This will include pine and spruce. These trees are grown in renewable forests and mattress frames are made from the left over pieces that cannot be used as construction lumber.

Box Spring

The wood from a box spring can be used to make shims and other pieces that will be useful to window installers, carpenters, and other construction professionals. One thing to keep in mind when an old box spring is being recycled is to remove all the nails. The used nails need to be kept in a container and not simply discarded.

Fabrics and Fillers

The exterior of a mattress is made from materials that include cotton, wool, silk, and other fibers which are from plants and animals. Rayon is another type of fiber used to make mattress fabrics. This is made of plant fibers and wood. Many of the fibers used to make mattress fabrics are recycled. Fabrics can be ground down and used to make new materials.

Many cities have recycling programs that are available for reusable materials. This is a great way for a mattress to be discarded instead of taking it to a landfill.

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