ShoeBox Recycling has been doing textile and shoe recycling for over 12 years and we are working hard to ensure that everyone finds a way to recycle their old shoes. Our program is simple. We provide boxes, pay for shipping and provide funding to you from the collection of shoes at your venues. We also seek to connect the givers and recipients of the shoes via our 'Recycle Your Shoes, Find Your SoleMate' concept.

Our goal is to put an end to shoes going to landfills through increasing education that worn is not worn out. All of our shoes can typically have another life on someone else's feet throughout the globe. We also aspire to connect givers and receivers of these recycled shoes though our "Recycle Your Shoes Find Your SoleMate program." (slip a note with a unique code in your shoe, and connect with the end user. Making the process transparent and engaging is crucial to promote the continued action / inspiration of shoe recyclers. The note will be made available in the coming weeks.)


ShoeBox Recycling partners with sports teams and organizations, K-12 schools, colleges, universities, non-profits, and retailers to collect shoes which will be distributed for reuse as a shoe for someone, somewhere who needs affordable shoes. We seek to raise awareness and understanding that 'worn' does not mean 'worn out' and that reuse of shoes serves a global need. We like the idea of giving old shoes a new life.

Benefits of ShoeBox Recycling Program:

  • Increase awareness of the need to reuse / recycle shoes (over 300 million pairs discarded last year)
  • Establish your organization as the forward thinker regarding this environmentally and sound humanitarian activity
  • Drive revenue to the program or organization of your choice for your participation as a collection location (we provide 50 cents for every pound of shoes collected. Funds to be distributed at your discretion.)

Recycle your shoes, find your 'SoleMate'

In our attempt to make recycling less passive, we want to put a human face on it. Our goal is to be able to put a note in the shoes (optional of course) in the hopes of finding and connecting with their new owners; making the world a smaller, friendlier and greener place. We are working at creating a highly social experience, which will launch in the coming weeks, that will enhance the shoe recyclers experience and truly connect them to the recipient of their shoes if they choose.


  • We provide 40lb capacity ShoeBoxes that are self-sealing
  • We provide UPS Shipping labels for these boxes upon the notification of you or your staff
  • We pay monthly based in the weight received (50 cents per pound)