We’ve all heard it before: we need to recycle more. Paper, plastic, glass, cardboard, metal, and sometimes even foam (if your city has facilities that are equipped with the proper recycling equipment to process foam) are all recyclable materials that can be used to prevent toxin waste from littering our streets and denigrating our fragile ecosystem. The truth is that recycling does a lot more than just protect our environment, though. We’ll shine some light on a few benefits so you can better see for yourself.


 Most of Earth’s Trees Have Been Cut Down

According to a report that was published by Princeton, of the original forests that populated America, greater than 90 percent have already been cut down for industry usage. Let’s bear in mind that reforesting has prevented the loss of all trees. Recycling also helps animals in these ecosystems more easily thrive because it reduces the need to purge our ecosystem for virgin fuels, petro, ore, minerals and timber.

 RecyclingFewer Toxins

The proper recycling of post consumer content means another thing: the materials are no longer considered virgin. Glass is already glass and plastic still is plastic, as is metal. They need not be refined; they need only be reused. This greatly reduces the amount of toxic chemicals that are infiltrating and poisoning our delicate environment. Also, when you recycle one ton of glass, for example, the reused version is more than three times less expensive, and the process creates nearly three tons fewer carbon emissions, according to Princeton University.

How Does Recycling Affect Employee Mindset?

Recycling need not only be limited to something that we do at home. Rather, it can be broadly implemented into almost any workplace as well. Aside from obviously making your business a greener one, there are some other benefits that an entity enjoys when they implement recycling equipment and encourage this reusable model for the workforce. According to a study that was conducted by the National Geographic survey, about 80 percent of all workers stated that they felt that recycling was a very important issue at the workplace. The vast majority of people think that companies should be more responsible about recycling, a number that exceeds 83 percent, according to a poll that was conducted by Do Well, Do Good, LLC.

Reusing Things is Big Business!

Of course, it’s hard to not get on board when there is money to be made or jobs to be procured. But just how much money is made in recycling and how many jobs does it create? A study that was conducted by the Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission found that during the year 1995, $18 billion in revenue was created in a dozen US states from recycling. To-date, the EPA says that recycling has created more than 1 million jobs that generate $37 billion in annual payroll in the U.S., and that result in more than $230 billion in annual revenue. Turns out, it’s not just good for our environment, recycling is just good business period.

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