Recycle Your Electronics for Cash

Usually, it is a very rare practice to recycle used computers once you are done with using them and wish to upgrade to a new laptop or a computer. You may not realize it but recycling any electronic device can do the environment a huge favour and is essentially, a very green option. In order to encourage the habit of recycling your computers, there are several online websites that offer you cash for selling your computer to them for recycling purposes. Electronics recycling in St. Louis and Atlanta as well as other cities across the Southeast are soon gaining momentum and more people are realizing the importance of doing so. Therefore, unless you wish to donate your computer to charity, you must consider recycling using the enlisted online resources that can also help you earn a decent chunk of money. This can easily aid your wish to upgrade to a new system as it provides considerable financial support for the same. Given below are some reliable online resources wherein you can consider recycling your old computer for money.


This online recycling resource was initially known as however, this site that once only accepted the humble iPod and MP3 players now goes on to accommodate myriad electronics including cell phones and smart phones as also desktops and laptops among other electronic gadgets and devices. In order to access this website, you first need to enter the product that you would like to sell for recycling purposes. You are then asked a few questions that help them understand the condition of the device that you are trying to sell or recycle. Based on this analysis, the website itself will calculate a price that you will receive once you send them for recycling. You should expect to receive your payment within a period of 5 days after your laptop or computer is received by them. If you run an organization or use computers for schools and other such educational institutes, sending them for recycling in large numbers can help you earn a massive chunk of money.

Recycle Your Computers2.)

As the name suggests, this website is slightly different from your usual recycling websites that calculate a price and make the payment accordingly. This company is based in Los Angeles and works on a rather amusing principle. According to this website, they have decided the fact that you will be upgrading your electronics, including your computer or your laptop as soon as a latest entrant makes an appearance in the market. Therefore, what it does is, it decided on the price that you will get in the future the very minute you enter details about your current product. All you need to do is provide them with the details pertaining to the laptop or the computer like the serial number, the original price that you paid along with the date on which it was purchased. Based on the information that you provide, they calculate a plump percentage of money that you will receive. However, you do need to make a payment of anything between $10 and $30 to avail these services.


This is easily considered as one of the best recycling sources available online. However, you can also always rely on electronics recycling St. Louis. Gazelle is an online recycling company that accepts gadgets based on the information that you provide. Based on this, they send the bids that you can opt for. Basically, it operates on the same principle as Usually, it is always a good idea to delete any personal information from your computer before recycling it. However, if you do miss out on this step, does the needful.

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