Second Gear requires a moderate investment, covered in this list are tips and articles to encourage you to go green in a slightly bigger way!

  1. Ride your bike more, drive less, start a car pooling system at work.
  2. Install water saving dual flush toilets.
  3. To save money on your heating bills, install programmable thermostats.
  4. If your commercial building does not provide recycling, hire a local recycling service.
  5. Use biodiesel to fuel your diesel engine.
  6. Use low VOC paints and sealers.
  7. Buy clothes made from organic, natural fibers.
  8. Be a patron of local restaurants that support locally grown foods.
  9. Clean your carpets and flooring without using harmful soaps, chemicals or toxins.
  10. Instead of buying new furniture, buy furniture at estate sales and antique stores.