There are many benefits to making your home more ‘green’ and more energy efficient. Aside from taking positive steps toward environmental responsibility, you will also see significant savings in your electricity and hydro bills. Doing something as basic as changing out your generic light bulbs in favor of an LED light bulb, will provide you better more efficient lighting – and the bulb will also last longer.


In the past, incandescent or fluorescent lighting was the product of choice for many homes and businesses alike. The problems with incandescent light are that they don’t last all that long and don’t really give off true white light. Because of this, it can make reading-especially for prolonged periods- difficult and skew the way colors appear.

Similarly fluorescent lighting is also difficult to utilize for reading and it is notorious for causing headaches and migraines due to the tell-tale flickering it emits.

Advantages of Using LED Light Bulbs

The LED light bulb, on the other hand, has a much longer life and emits a true white light which makes things like reading and taking photos easier.

The LED light bulb also dissipates heat better than traditional forms of lighting, making them safer and easier to handle. One particularly great aspect of switching from tradition light bulbs to LED light bulbs is that they can be screwed right into to traditional fixtures. There is no retrofitting or other sort of upgrading required to make use of this environmentally friendly and convenient light.  Another advantage of LED light is that is more powerful than its incandescent predecessors. A 16w LED light bulb can be used in place of a 150w halogen bulb – the energy savings are obvious.

Back in 2008, companies started making the switch from incandescent and fluorescent to LED light bulbs. While the companies that made the switch first readily admitted that the cost to upgrade to LED bulbs was three times as much as it would have cost for traditional light sources, the energy savings will have repaid those initial investments after only two years. Where many of these factories had to replace hundreds of bulbs, from overhead lighting to desk lamps, the typical home may only need to switch out a dozen or so lights to see the savings. The greatest aspect of LED light bulbs is the ease of use. While they are most definitely more expensive initially, they really do work hard for what you shell out.

A Sustainable and Efficient Option

Homes and entire communities are now being designed and built with the idea of ‘sustainability’ and energy efficiency in mind. While most don’t have the luxury of a turn-key home with all the energy upgrades you could imagine, you can still integrate some of them affordably. It is not at all practical to run out and upgrade your major appliances if the ones you currently own aren’t energy efficient, however doing something like utilizing energy efficient lights is an easy first-step that won’t break the bank. Everyone wants to be more environmentally friendly and cut down on their carbon footprint but the fact of the matter is, it isn’t always practical. For many people it is something they achieve overtime, a goal they work toward – and if that sounds like you, than choosing to upgrade your hoe to energy efficient LED light bulbs is the perfect step that will provide instant gratification and savings.

You may think that paying $10 for a bulb or two is outrageous but perhaps you aren’t looking at things in the right light. A traditional bulb may only cost you .22 cents but it is also only rated to last for a thousand hours – and that’s in a perfect world. An LED light bulb is rated to last twenty-five thousand hours! So do you want to buy and store twenty-five regular bulbs and pay for the energy output they are costing – or invest in a great LED light bulb that will save you cash every day and not have to worry about changing it again for a few years?

An LED light bulb may seem so innocuous that it isn’t worth the extra dough it will cost you to outfit your entire home – but the truth is, you’ll make your money back in no time. You won’t have to be changing bulbs all the time or keeping a large quantity on hand for replacements. It is the easiest way to do your part for the environment – you can worry about buying a Hybrid later on.

This article was written by Lloyd Cleve, who likes using LED Light Bulbs, because they last longer and consume less energy than other available bulb.