Every home is prone to dust, dirt and other such issues even if you live in an area that stays spic and span throughout the year and therefore, cleaning your home is a must. While there is a plethora of products that are available in the market to ensure that you have a squeaky clean home, you also need to realize that these are the products that are loaded with chemicals that can cause severe damage to the environment, not to mention the fact that it can jeopardize your health as well. Therefore, looking for eco-friendly ways to clean your home is very important as these methods will not only make sure that the environment remains free of any unwanted chemicals but will also keep you in the pink of health. Just as you use water ionizers to purify your water and make it increasingly healthy for consumption, given below is a list of some natural ingredients available right in your home that can be used on a daily basis to clean your home.


1.)   Put your old newspapers to good use:

As your old newspapers keep piling up each day, the best thing that you can do is put it to good use as it forms an excellent window cleaner with results that will leave your jaw dropped. The shine on the glass when wiped clean with a newspaper will give any high end glass cleaner a run for its money. Ideally, the trick is to use a cloth and dip it in a solution containing equal parts of water and vinegar and wipe the surface of the glass with the solution. Once that is done, you wipe the glass clean with sheets of newspapers. It will give the most perfect results every single time.

2.)   Use coffee apart from drinking:

It is a known fact that the smell that coffee radiates is pretty strong and it is this quality that can be sued to your advantage to drive away any foul or funny smelling elements in your refrigerator. Simply placing ground coffee in one corner of your fridge for about a couple of days will refresh the contents in the fridge and push out any foul smell that may be dominating the fridge. This is an excellent idea to ensure that the contents in your refrigerator remain fresher for a longer period of time.

3.)   Clean floors with the help of vinegar:

Sure your floor cleaning solution offers you excellent cleaning liquids in fragrances ranging from strawberries to Clementine and even jasmine, however, these are loaded with chemicals and their fumes are potentially dangerous not only to the environment but also to your health as a whole. Therefore, to counter this problem, you can very well use white vinegar and water in equal parts and can clean the floors for an exquisite shine to your flooring every single time. Just like kangen water ionizers that purify water and make it healthy for consumption, cleaning floors with this mixture can bring a healthy shine to your tiles.

4.)   Use olive oil for giving your wooden furniture a gleaming shine:

Usually, the fumes radiated when polishing wood can be increasingly toxic for both the environment and the human body and therefore, if you feel that your wooden furniture has lost much of its charm and shine, a great way to jazz it up is by using about a teaspoon of olive oil for every 1/4th cup of lemon juice and use this mixture to clean wooden furniture. This will also help lengthen the life of your furniture.