Rising energy bills are giving rise to more and more ways to cut costs on your energy, such as turning everything off at the socket, or only using their TV for a few hours a day. However, there are easier ways to cut costs down, meaning you can leave your laptop plugged in and have the lights on whilst watching a film! These are a number of long term solutions which will save you some essential cash on your monthly bills.


Energy Efficient Lighting
This is one of the cheapest and cost effective methods of reducing your energy bill. Many disregard energy saving light bulbs without giving them a chance, but there are many misconceptions around them. Many see them as fairly useless when it comes to lighting, taking a long time to reach an optimal brightness, and others see them as unreliable and awkwardly incompatible with a dimmer switch. However, this is no longer the case with many newer and more modern lamps which can now last up to 15 times longer than traditional lamps.

There are several ways you can further reduce the impact of lightning on your monthly bills. Occupancy sensors can be used to automatically urn off the lights when there is no one in the room – reducing electricity usage by up to 30%. Another sensor can be installed, called a daylight sensor, which varies the lighting in accordance with the amount of natural lighting outside. This could save you another 40%!

Solar Panels
Many see solar panels as a big initial outset, but forget about the huge returns that come along with the investment, and the subsidy supplied by the government in the first place to help cover the costs. The truth is that you can have huge savings on your energy bills, and the fact is that you can have saved more than your initial investment in energy costs in as little as seven years. After that you’re basically receiving free electricity!

Even better, you can sell any unused power back to the energy companies for use in the national grid for a small profit. This can help recover the costs even faster and you can start enjoying your free power even sooner!

Thermodynamic Solar Panels
Thermodynamic panels work differently to traditional solar panels, in the fact that they work no matter what the weather is! They are highly durable and next to zero maintenance, and collect heat from the air no matter how cold it is. Essentially, they can guarantee hot water all year round, offering up to 55º C. If a number of panels are used, they can also heat your home all year round, and in most cases offer up to an 80% saving on your energy bills!

Heat Pumps
Another way to effectively heat you home and cut down on your household bills is to install a heat pump in your home. A heat pump gathers energy from the air and converts it in to heat, which can be used to heat both water and air systems. It is not entirely self-sufficient and requires the aid of traditional heating, but produces five times more energy than it uses and is perfect for turning down your bills and not the heating!

George, the writer of this article, is a blogging enthusiast and copywriter who enjoys sharing his opinions and experiences with readers. By day, he often works for CTS Renewables, a leading supplier of energy efficient lighting and renewable energy sources.