EVAs fuel and maintenance charges take a steady hike, shelling out cash for cars is slowly becoming a problem. Many people are selling their cars and taking to public transport because of higher costs and environmental concerns.

Side by side, the green car or electric vehicle is also gaining steady popularity. If you read this, you will realize that though there are certain disadvantages, they are certainly outweighed by the obvious pros. So, if you are planning to buy an electric car, here’s the story that you should know before taking a choice.


The disadvantages:

  1. The price of electric cars is pretty high, as electric car batteries are expensive. For example, the Tesla cars have a range of between 250-300 miles and cost between $50,000 to a $100,000 even. The higher quality battery, the more costly the car.
  2. Electric cars don’t make any noise. Though this is an advantage, it has also led to accidents where people haven’t heard one pull up behind or next to them.
  3. Electric cars take a long time to recharge their batteries and can go up to several hours. You cant drive when the batteries are being charged, so you will have to wait out the downtime. Some high priced models have batteries that can be charged in 45 minutes.
  4. Another major concern with electric cars is that they don’t have long ranges currently. For no, the maximum range goes up to 25 miles at the most. Things are obviously set to improve in the future but for now, journeys on electric cars will be limited.

EVThe advantages

Now that you have heard of the cons, it’s time for the pros. Once you have read this, you will know both sides before paying cash for cars and making an informed decision. The advantages of buying electric cars are generally more.

  1. Of course the first and most popular advantage is that you don’t need any gas to run the car. The Chevy Volt has a battery with a range of 40 miles. This means it can run for 40 miles without needing any gas. This is the average commute range. In case you run out of battery charge or you are doing some long distance, then you will need the gas. However, because of this, the number of gas fillips that you do per year will be far less than usual.
  2. The car can be charged from any outlet which has the right voltage. Thus, you can imagine the savings which will be drastic as electricity is way cheaper than gas.
  3. There are no emissions from electric cars. They are better than hybrid cars. Electric cars are completely free of all pollutants. Hybrids, on the other hand still have a percentage of emissions.
  4. These cars have fluid batteries which have a better response to shock. They can take impact better than gas running cars. Thus electric cars are better at responding to accidents.

More people are slowly going over to the other side and the trend seems to be increasing. Companies are looking to produce more and different kinds of electric cars. Earlier, these cars didn’t have too many takers because of their bad performance and poor battery life.  However, as technology advances, the cars becoming better more efficient. They will surely turn out to be a sustainable solution in the long run and do wonders for the environment as well.

Lee Adams is an automobile expert and writer. He has written numerous articles on automobiles, how to pay cash for cars and get a good deal. He has been writing for the past decade. In his free time, Lee loves to ditch the cars and take out his motorbike for a good run.