Electric VehicleWith the entire buzz that is being created to go green to protect the environment, automobile manufacturers decided to go one step further and come up with innovative ideas to ensure that you cars do not add to the problem. Therefore, electric cars or green cars are slowly getting more popular and people are eventually warming up to the idea of using cars that run on rechargeable batteries. If you plan on buying these eco friendly wheels, you can certainly consider selling your used car St. Louis and buy this new phenomenon. However, jumping the gun and buying the first electric car that comes your way can spell trouble. Therefore, you need to first educate yourself about these cars so that you are in the right position to take the decision that will be most appropriate. The list mentioned below will ensure that you understand everything that there is to about electric cars before making your purchase.

1.)   Learn the different types of electric :

If you thought that there is just one type of electric car that you should be concerned about, think again.

i.) All electric cars:
As the name suggests, this type of a car runs completely on a pack or rechargeable batteries. However, once the charge is over, the car will halt to a stop until the batteries are recharged again. These batteries are absolutely humongous and need to be charged from a network.

ii.) Plug-in-hybrid:
As the name suggests, this car is installed with comparatively smaller batteries as part of the electric car. However, in the event of the energy from the batteries getting used up, you will have 2 options at your disposal – you could either use fuel to run the car or could use the fuel for the generator that charges the batteries up.

Electric Vehicle2.)   You have 3 options at your disposal for charging the batteries:

To put it simply, you can either decide to charge the cars at home from the usual socket. These electric cars come with a charging cable that can be used. However, this takes up an immense amount of time and is ridiculously slow to charge up the car.

Another option at your disposal is the availability of charging equipment specially designed for electric cars that requires you to mount it up a wall or a pedestal. This type of charging is comparatively faster than the aforementioned one.

There is another charging unit also known as the DC fast charge, however, very few electric cars tend to support this type of charging. As the name suggests, this charger can fire up your car within a couple of hours.

3.)   Going for very long distance travel is not suitable:

If you are required to travel to work and back and your office is at a relatively faraway place, an electric car can work best. However, if you plan for making road trips across the different states to catch up with friends and family, you must conveniently stay away. Having said that, you can opt for a plug-in hybrid if your aim to sell your used car St. Louis and if you wish to perform the latter activity as it can use fuel when the charging is drained.

Electric Vehicle4.)   Reduced costs for maintenance:

It goes without saying that since a majority of the usual car parts like the combustion engine, emission equipment and the likes are eliminated, the maintenance costs will drop down drastically. You need not worry about oiling the car parts for smoother functioning or other types of issues which would be prevalent in a normal car. However, replacing a car battery can burn a hole in your pocket but since their warranty period is over a period of 8 years and above, this issue gets eliminated.

Shaun Mitchell works at a car dealership and is extremely familiar with the new arrivals and other features of cars, per se. He insists on selling a used car in St. Louis and to opt for eco friendly counterparts. He loves reading automobile magazines and has also contributed written materials for a few well known ones.