Top 5 renewable energy jobsThere are many different jobs to have in the renewable energy market, here is your guide to the top five:


1 Marketing and Sales

Dedicated sales professionals with an interest in the environment, both today and in the future, will love a job promoting renewable energy. This, after all, is seen as the future of a sustainable planet, and sales professions will get a massive boost to their lives, by promoting something essential to us all, being almost their own boss, and the satisfaction of doing this sales job to the best of their ability.

2 Energy Conservation and Efficiency Advice and Sales

Conservation of energy and resources goes hand-in-hand with the supply of renewable energy – there is no point in providing friendly, renewable energy if most of it will pour through draughty windows and non-insulated lofts and walls. This is another great way to give advice to homeowners, as well as providing them with eco-friendly products four their homes that suit their own environment.

3 Onshore and Offshore Jobs in Wind Energy

Is wind energy the next big player in the renewable energy market? As with anything with an eco-suffix, it has supporters for its continued use and protestors against its ugliness and noise. There are currently many jobs worldwide for those who have the Civil Engineering skills, but most of all the commitment to seeing this form of green energy prove that it can be of as much benefits as its supporters believe. There is also a large number of posts being advertised at the moment for apprentices and trainees, so the wind energy recruitment area is not just for those with lots of qualifications or experience.

4 Biomass Jobs

There are many biomass jobs currently being advertised, (also described as biofuels or bioenergy). This is one of the growth industries in the renewable energy recruitment sector, and includes opportunities for both experienced engineers, installers and programme managers and those younger people wanting to begin a career in renewable energy.

5 Solar and Thermal Power Jobs

Solar and Thermal power is yet another growth industry in the renewable energy sector. Unfortunately, it has attracted the same type of telesales people who used to want to try to sell you double glazing. But these hard-sell people only tarnish the reputation of bona fide companies who operate ethically by offering potential customers what is right for them, domestically or commercially. Their operations do not only deal in sales, but with technical , electrical and electronic support. As above, there are opportunities for both experienced engineers and managers, as well as a wide variety of opportunities for those starting out in a career in cheap renewable energy. Solar or thermal panels require little maintenance, so are ideal for customers to not only save money, but actually have a surplus of energy that they can sell to the National Grid. These plus points will give anyone working in the industry a great deal of job satisfaction.

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Daniel Wray has worked in the renewable energy sector for more than ten years. Daniel currently works at The Innasol Group, the UKs leading supplier  of innovative renewable heating and energy solutions.